Today, the Lowell Sun endorsed Scott Brown for United States Senate!  With a daily circulation of 44,439, the The Lowell Sun is one of the top 10 newspapers in Massachusetts.

The challenges currently facing the United States are daunting. Security concerns, a massive deficit, lack of jobs, spiraling taxes, illegal immigration and health-care costs are just a few.

Massachusetts doesn’t need to elect yet another person who will toe the Democratic Party line and kowtow to leadership. Massachusetts needs a senator who will challenge the status quo, is strong enough to take a stand on controversial issues, and will put Bay State residents first when making decisions.

In the race to fill the seat held by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy in the U.S. Senate, Republican Scott Brown is the candidate who promises to best represent the state’s 6.3 million residents….

The Sun endorses Scott Brown for U.S. Senate in the Jan. 19 special election.

Scott Brown has already received endorsements from the Boston Herald, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and the Eagle-Tribune of Lawrence.


For the December primary the Lowell Sun also endorsed Scott Brown, but refused to endorse any Democrat.  They wrote:

Frankly, we have found the Democratic primary campaign to be rather uninspiring. The candidates have failed to truly reveal themselves to voters. Instead the four candidates — Attorney General Martha Coakley, U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano, multimillionaire businessman Steve Pagliuca and City Year cofounder Alan Khazei — have worked to “out liberal” each other in hopes of attracting the traditional primary voters….

The Sun endorses Scott Brown in the Republican primary, but cannot offer support to any of the four Democratic candidates.

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