Kara Fratto for State Representative

Kara Fratto is running for State Representative in the 30th Middlesex district against freshman Democrat Jim Dwyer.  According to his 2008 year end reports with OCPF Dwyer had $810.93 cash on hand and $5,076.50 in liabilities following his election a year ago.

Kara Fratto is a lifetime resident of the district and serves as an elected member of Reading Town Meeting & Economic Development Committee.  She works as an attorney in Woburn and is a former intern for Republican State Senator Richard Tisei.  More information can be found on her campaign website KaraFratto.com or her facebook page.

Jim Dwyer is one of the more conservative leaning Democrats on Beacon Hill.  In 2008, his race received some media attention.  Dwyer, who supports the traditional marriage amendment, defeated incumbent Democrat Patrick Natalie, who voted against it.  Dwyer, a Woburn city councilor, won easily by a 60% to 40% margin in the Democrat primary.  Kara Fratto also supports the traditional marriage amendment.

There was no Republican candidate in 2008 or 2006.  In 2004, when the seat was open, Democrat Patrick Natale defeated Unenrolled Paul Meaney by a 62% to 38% margin.

The 30th Middlesex is a good district for a Republican.  It consists of wards 2-6 in the city of Woburn precincts 2,3 and 5 in Reading and precinct 3 in Stoneham.


Obama vs McCain 2008 Results:

30th Middlesex

Woburn: 54% to 45%

Reading: 56% to 43%

Stoneham: 55% to 44%

Healey + Mihos vs Patrick + Ross 2006 Results:

30th Middlesex

Woburn: 6,018 + 1,358 vs 6,611 + 283 14270

42.2% + 9.5% vs 46.3% + 2.0%

Reading: 4,270 + 587 vs 4,881 + 170 9908

43.1% + 5.9% vs 49.3% + 1.7%

Stoneham: 3,736 + 781 vs 4,387 + 152 9056

41.3% + 8.6% vs 48.4% + 1.7%

I do not have precinct level data for the 30th Middlesex.  All 3 towns are broken and have similar voting results.  As such I did provide weighted town estimates for the district.

In 2008, McCain lost by 26% statewide, but only 9% to 13% in each of these three towns.  In 2006, Kerry Healey lost by 21% statewide, only 4% to 7% in each of these 3 towns.  If the Mihos and Ross numbers are included, “conservative” leaning candidates were virtually tied with the “liberal” candidates in the district.

I have recently started profiling some Republican candidates running for State Representative and State Senate here in Massachusetts.  

Paul Avella State Representative, 2nd Middlesex.

Shaunna O’Connell State Representative, 3rd Bristol.

Kevin Kuros State Representative, 8th Worcester.

Geoff Diehl State Representative, 7th Plymouth.

Patrick Foran State Representative, 1st Barnstable

Ryan Fattman State Representative, 18th Worcester

Brett Schetzsle State Representative, 6th Essex

David Pottier State Senate, 1st Plymouth and Bristol

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  1. She has a great personality.  I think she will really be able to connect with the voters.  It’s nice to see the numbers and realize that she has a shot.

  2. I lived for a while in Reading and have friends there who are very unhappy with how things are going on Beacon Hill, unfortunately, they live in precincts 4, 5 and 8.  However, they are mostly D’s who are openly talking about voting for conservatives if given the chance.

    I met her briefly as well and she came across as very approachable and open to differing opinions, but respectful at the same time.

    She should do well in that district with good help from local GOP and others.

    There is a number of local farmstands and other businesses that hold various events Spring and Summer which would be great for her to meet more likely voters.  As a lifelong resident she is probably already a customer, but if not she should become one and start meeting the owners, etc. as they know everyone.

    Best of luck.

  3. I grew up in this district (Reading, Precinct 2).  At the time, all of Reading was in the district now represented by Brad Jones.

    When Torkildsen was in Congress, the 6th and 7th congressional districts were divided down the middle of my street.  I was in the 7th.  All of Reading is now in the 6th.

    Based on the 2006 & 2008 McCain results Reading is the most Democratic of the 3 towns and it has no problem electing Republicans.  It currently has both a Republican State Rep. and State Senator in both Jones and Tisei.  How many towns can say that?

  4. You don’t have to be an up and down left winger to win there.  Heck, Jim Dwyer (D) is more conservative than Tisei.

  5. republicanvoices

    Oh, but of course, he’s against gay marriage. Ergo, according to YOUR one issue litmus test, he is more conservative than Tisei.

    Dwyer for Lt. Governor!

  6. …first of all, to accuse MIKE ROSSETTIE of being a one-issue candidate is funny enough. To accuse him of being a one-issue candidate on Gay Mariage is roll on the floor laugh out loud hilarious, and just proves to everyone on this blog how out of touch and politically naive you are.

    That aside, your accusation is that Jim Dwyer is liberal on some econimic issues, while also being a Social Conservative.  Let’s call him a 75% Conservative.  He’s 100% on Social Issues, but only 50%/50% on Economic issues.

    Dick Tisei’s defenders have said he’s good on Economic Issues.  I’m not going to re-vamp Dick Tisei’s record on economic issues, but let’s just call it “mixed”.

    However, NO ONE (not even you) has disagreed that Tisei is terrible on Social issues.

    So if he’s 50%/50% on Economic Issues, and 0% on social issues, that makes him a 25% Conservative!

    Making Democrat Jim Dwyer three times the Conservative Tisei is!

    Isn’t Math Fun!

    I Miss the Old RV.  You know, the one who used to hand out Bob Parks literature at State Committee Meetings.  The one who organized a “Day of Defiance” at his High School vs. the gay-lobby’s “Day of Silence”. The one who used to accuse me of being “too liberal” and accumulated “evidence” to show how liberal I was.  

    I miss that guy.


  7. No way for Tisei.  Tisei voted to keep it at 5.95%.  0.95% of income is a lot higher than 1.25% of sales.  Tisei’s voting record is for higher total taxes than Dwyer.

  8. Is because HE is the one with the singular focus on the issue.  So much so, that he blindly ignores the rest of Tisei’s liberal record.

  9. republicanvoices

    I happened to get over this phase as a teenager, while Cool Cal still hasn’t. By the way, who most recently sat upon the same executive board as Bob Parks? Why, it was Cool Cal himself, over at the purger wing of the party – the Massachusetts Republican Assembly.

    Calling James Dwyer a 100% social conservative is preposterous, considering he was one of Planned Parenthood’s five legislative targets in 2008. This just goes to show where the priorities of an organized group of Tisei bashers desperately attempting to cling on to their influence in the Republican party, who call him out for being supported by pro-choice organizations, really lie.

  10. …for & from Kara Fratto.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with her on several occasions.  Ironically, I knew of her as an occasionally mentioned friend of an ol’ college friend and nearly fell off my chair in pleasant surprise when I was skimming OCPF and noticed she’d formed a committee.

    Kara lives a wee bit out of my area but if there is one particular race that I’m crossing my fingers, holding my breath, and willing to try to help out from a distance it’s Kara Fratto.

    Kara has a drive, energy, and desire to win this seat & serve her would-be constituents that is rarely matched & even less often surpassed.

    We’ve got a good crop of legislative candidates, like Kara Fratto, and here’s hoping that we can have some focus upon them.  Dwyer/Tisei/who’s more conservative is nice… but ladie & gentlemen, I respectfully remind that this thread was created to draw attention to a worthy legislative candidate and while there’s always room for our usual internicing debate – can we try to focus, at least within their own specific diaries – on the particular legislative candidate at hand?

    Best of luck to Kara for I suspect that she’ll be putting in the hard word & great effort needed to win.

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