Kamal Jain (R) for Auditor

Kamal Jain has announced that he has left the Libertarian party and registered as a Republican.  He will now continue his campaign for Massachusetts State Auditor within the Republican primary.  Republicans Mary Z. Connaughton and Earle Stroll are already running for that position.  According to their 2009 year end reports Kamal Jain has $3,169.92, Mary Z. Connaughton has $32,920.53 and Earle Stroll has $100.00 cash on hand.

Kamal Jain is a Massachusetts native with over 20 years of private sector experience in business and technology.  He is running on a platform of more openness and transparency in government.  More information can be found on his campaign website KamalJain.com or his facebook page.  I recommend reading his Total Spending: Even Worse Than We Imagined.  I have included his video speaking at the Audit the Fed Rally in Boston below the fold.

In 2002, Kamal Jain rand for Auditor as a Libertarian receiving 133,997 votes or 7.2%.  He finished in third place behind Democrat Inumbent Joe DeNucci and Unenrolled John James Xenakis.  There was no Republican in the race.

Please tune in tomorrow for our Red Mass Group exclusive interview with Kamal Jain.


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