Joe Lieberman to Endorse Scott Brown? is reporting the rumor that Connecticut Senator, and 2000 Democratic Party Nominee for Vice President, Joe Lieberman may endorse Scott Brown for U.S. Senate.

Joe Lieberman may be close to announcing his suppport for Massachusetts Senate Candidate Scott Brown.  Citing the historical Healthcare Reform Bill as the main issue attracting Lieberman to endorse Brown’s Campaign.  Scott Brown is vehemently opposed to the proposed Healthcare Legislation.

Joe Lieberman has run against many of his Democratic Counterparts in the Senate over the so called Obamacare Health Care Reform Bill.  Back in December, with the public option dead, Democrats revived an old proposal to expand Medicare, but Lieberman voted  no.  That plan was considered by a small percentage of liberals as a decent alternative to the public option leaving Lieberman at odds with Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid.

Speculation is such that if Lieberman were to endorse Scott Brown over the coming weekend that would most likely seal the defeat of Martha Coakley for Senate.

Enjoy watching BlueMassGroup meltdown…

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  1. I think I’m going to go with earl grey.  

    What are you guys taking?

  2. Meanwhile the thought “Should I endorse Scott Brown?” so can he bail us out of the moronic healthcare bribe-off crosses the mind of Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landruea and several other anonymous democrats who didn’t anticipate having to announce their retirement in the Spring.

  3. They’re not only criticizing Brown for fighting back against the attack ad, but they are actually defending the ad itself. These people aren’t even human anymore. Plus they’re lying about his Guard service. I’m almost tempted to e-mail the campaign with a link.

    Maybe someone from this site should do it. I’m from Texas, so this isn’t technically my fight. But they are saying he failed out of NG Jag. Which is false. Many years ago he simply failed to complete coursework that would enable him to promote in rank (which is common in the reserves). You have to do coursework within a certain timeframe in order to promote. And officers have to promote within a certain timeframe in order to stay in the military. They have to keep moving up. However, there was an error in his case and he was reinstated.

    But BlueMass is lying about what happened and saying that he failed out of JAG. As though he was unqualified to be a lawyer. The truth is, he got his law degree before he ever entered the JAG program. You can’t fail out of JAG, because you can’t become a JAG until you get your law degree. So I would send the Brown legal folks a heads up that BlueMass is libeling him.  

  4. “I’m almost tempted to e-mail the campaign with a link.”

    What are you waiting for?

    They likely already know, but don’t chance it.  

    Let them make the decision to use/not use it.

    This is a war, and you have a bullet – don’t keep it in your pocket!

    Brown by 5.5

  5. SpringfieldGOPSec

    hot cocoa!

  6. I sent them an email. Although, I’m not sure they want to go after a petty little site like Blue Mass. I gave them the link and told them to check it out.

    Personally, I think Red Mass ought to send those nasty little turds the current Mass. libel laws. Although since it was posted online, it may fall under federal statutes since the host would most likely be in another state. It gets a little fuzzy at that point.

    Anyway, the law would probably be similar, if not identical.

    Since Brown is a public official, he would have to prove that the statements made were false and with malice aforethought and made for the purpose of harming his reputation. Not exactly a tall order, considering the source.

    A private citizen would only have to prove false, harm and negligence. There are various interpretations, but that is the general meaning.  

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