James O’Keefe of ACORN Fame Busted By FBI

Last summer James O’Keefe caused a nationwide sensation when he and Hannah Giles went undercover posing as a pimp & prostitute at various ACORN offices throughout the country. Their videos severely damaged the creditability of the already controversial organization.

Now, it appears O’Keefe may be the one who is in trouble:

The FBI, alleging a plot to wiretap Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office in downtown New Orleans, arrested four people Monday, including James O’Keefe, a conservative filmmaker whose undercover videos at ACORN field offices severely damaged the advocacy group’s credibility.

FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes alleges that O’Keefe aided and abetted two others, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan, who dressed up as employees of a telephone company and attempted to interfere with the office’s telephone system.

A fourth person, Stan Dai, was accused of aiding and abetting Basel and Flanagan. All four were charged with entering fedral property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony.

Conservative bombthrower Michelle Malkin issues an appropriate warning to any conservative activists who were inspired by O’Keefe’s ACORN videos:

The Times-Picayune has not posted the full FBI affidavit, but the details they have are damning. This is neither a time to joke nor a time to recklessly accuse Democrats/liberals of setting this up nor a time to whine about media coverage double standards…

Let it be a lesson to aspiring young conservatives interested in investigative journalism: Know your limits. Know the law. Don’t get carried away. And don’t become what you are targeting.

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