In-depth opinion on Hedlund, Malone, Perry and the 10th Congressional seat w/ poll

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Let’s get real here for a few minutes…

Joe Malone comes with a TON of baggage (simply look into what happened at the lottery and the ensuing investigation).  His baggage doesn’t fit into the “Bold New Leadership” style campaign that got Scott Brown elected to the US Senate.

Do we want our candidate to be a recycled former embattled State Treasurer who took on the acting Republican Governor in a primary?  This is exactly what the party is trying to get away from.

We have the opportunity to have a very competitive and clean primary between Jeff Perry and Bob Hedlund in the 10th Congressional.  The last Republican to beat an incumbent in the House of Representative was Jeff Perry; the last Republican to beat an incumbent in the Senate was Bob Hedlund.  Both have proven that they know what it takes to beat someone who already holds the seat they are trying to win.

Additionally, both Perry and Hedlund are very hard workers with a huge built-in following and have proven that they are willing to help rebuild our party by attending fundraisers for folks running for selectmen, councilors, representative, etc.

Joe Malone has been out of the picture for the past 10 years and has only sparingly shows up to events.  As a matter of fact I can recall numerous occasions Malone has flat out rejected to host an event whereas Perry or Hedlund will host anytime/anywhere if it fits in their schedules.

It appears Hedlund has already set the groundwork for a run and Malone’s potential entrance would only complicate what looks to be a sure congressional run from our most senior State Senator.

So let’s look at the narrative we have…  

it’s either a spirited campaign between Perry and Hedlund that further unites the party in the reddest part of the state.  The winner of that campaign going on to take on Delahunt with LOADS of momentum running a Washington outsider campaign.


It’s a campaign mired in controversy with corruption being the focal point.  Delahunt will go on the air with his negative ads and since these ads have merit behind them it will destroy our chances of winning.

Delahunt has $636k in his account.  Let’s allow Hedlund and Perry their time and not complicate this with old faces trying to capitalize on the hard work of Bob Hedlund and Jeff Perry over the past decade during very trying times for the MassGOP.

One money bomb for Sen. Hedlund or Rep. Perry and financially this race is even with momentum on our side.

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