In blast to tea party activists,Carla Howell goes nuclear:”Don’t Even Think About Voting for Brown”

(Will this email impact your support of the sales tax cut initiative she is leading? RMGers do you think this was a smart move on her part or dumb move?   – promoted by Garrett Quinn)

Carla Howell wants to rain on Scott’s surge. In an email blast to Tea Party Activists this morning, the princess of ballot questions, declares:  

Scott Brown campaigns against everything the Tea Party Movement represents. Brown opposes and votes against as little as a 5% tax cut. He opposes and votes against cutting government spending or waste by even 5%. He designed and voted for a key part of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Health Care bill now being voted on in Washington.  

Carla’s stretching the truth with that last charge. She’s implying that Scott, by voting for RomneyCare as constituted in 2006, now supports ObamaCare.

The email doesn’t outright support Joseph L. Kennedy’s campaign but it strongly suggests to Tea Party activists that there’s an alternative. “You have a far better choice – a choice that gives your vote 100 times its normal impact.”

Whether the Massachusetts Tea Party base will respond in kind to Howell’s appeal is uncertain. But who knew that Howell owned the local Tea Party movement?  

Update 1/14: “She’s back.”

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