Imagine if Scott Brown ran his campaign this crazy way. If they did, Martha would be senator.

I’m getting conflicting information from the MIHOS campaign.  In an eblast that I just got to, they write of their desire to correct serious mistakes in recent BOSTON GLOBE reporting.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to presume that a correction letter is going to be perfectly correct.  Right?

The letter writes that the press guy, whose name I can’t spell, submitted a resignation letter that’s dated for later this year – September 2010.

So, what’s going on.

Now I don’t understand the controversy.  I’m taking Joe at his word, here, which he once told a group of us at a town committee meeting is his bond.

His letter says the PR guy is still on board, but I guess has to leave after the Primary because he has given a resignation letter, according to Joe, dated September 2010.

We know there can’t be mistakes in Joe’s letter, because who in their right mind would write a correction letter than needs correction.

Can you imagine if Scott Brown ran his campaign in this crazy manner.  If they did, we’d be saying, “Good morning, Senator Coakley.”

God forbid.

Christy, please stop torturing us like this.  You owe it to your family – and they are lovely people I’m told – to drop out of this race and get your own house in order and stop insulting us with this highly negative campaign, where you throw out insults and conspiracy theories every hour.  We need real solutions. You are just playing games and hurting the reputation of the Party.

Beating Patrick will not be easy.  He’s a tough player who will hold tight for the sake of power.  

We can’t afford the distractions of your confused life style.

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