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  • For you guys, purple mass group is already taken.

    But I wouldn’t be overly concerned about having to pay off.

  • Since Red vs. Blue is the name of an online comedy series…of course you could always go with “Red vs. Blue Mass Group”.

    I love that show.

  • the #1 local blog want to bring up the numbers of the losers on the other side with a merge?

    Let ’em flounder!!

  • I’m legally changing my name to John F. Kennedy and registering as a Democrat.  I’ll run, win, and have the most conservative voting record in… whatever.

  • cranberrycynic

    …you could pump this up a bit.

    If Kennedy wins, then RMG and BMG rent a beach house on the Cape for the summer. NECN films it.

    Just a thought…

  • If Kennedy wins, RMG and BMG have a no-holds-barred battle royale!!!!

    My money’s on RMG!!