I am considering a run against John Olver.

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Draft Release:

Greenfield school committee member Keith McCormic is seeking advice from local political experts regarding the formation of an exploratory committee to run for federal office, raising the possibility that he may run for the First Congressional District seat now held by Democrat John Olver of Amherst.  As a freshman member of the school committee, McCormic recently broke a six-month political logjam by boldly calling for a surprise up-or-down vote to negotiate a successor contract with the current superintendent.

He was also instrumental in Greenfield’s decision to decline to participate in the Race-To-The-Top competitive grant because he felt that the vague language of the application contract would have given too much power to the state and saddled the schools with excessive administrative costs.  In addition, McCormic stepped directly into a leadership role with the Franklin County School Committee Caucus, where he helped to lead the crafting of a Joint Declaration that has since been ratified by a majority of area school boards as a model for collaborative education reform that protects the sovereignty of local schools.

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  • Running and winning elections in one town and running in a district are two different animals. I’m not saying no But can you realistically raise 100k  to start?  Do you have reliable proven contacts in most towns in the district?  

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    I applaud your desire to serve.  I guess the question would be whether you feel that you could reasonably win, or at least make a good run.  There will be many, given the new GOP confidence, that will be tempted to run for office.  Some will win and many will lose.  

    Questions you must ask yourself:

    1. Do I have a substantial enough background to run?  i.e. political experience, private employment experience, public policy experience, education , etc.  John Olver already has it.

    2. Do I have name recognition – or can I get it?  John Olver already has it.

    3. What is your personality type?  Are you outgoing, with a big smile and friendly handshake?  Scott Brown won a lot of votes based on that very thing.  The upcoming Congressional races will be all about likability.  If you are at all introverted – forget it.

    4. Do you have a network – or one that you can tap into?  What circles do you move in?  What organizations/boards/committees can you tap into for support?

    5. Does your position on the issues match the GOP well right now?  If you are too far left or too far right of the current GOP base it may be hard?

    6. Is there anyone else that will challenge you for the chance to run?  I am afraid that there will be a surge to run for office from the right.  Speak to all the Republican town committees in the district to see who else is thinking of a run.  You hate to be one of a thousand – throwing money into  races…..

    Those are just some thoughts to throw around.  Best wishes….

  • There are two reasons to run: (i) to win the office and (ii) to further the debate.

    By being in the race you will fulfill the second objective.  If that is important to you so that it outweighs all the work in gathering signatures, etc., then by all means run.

    As for (i), I don’t think Olver is vulnerable.  Brown didn’t carry the 1st and you probably won’t either in 2010.  There is always room for a fluke, like a situation where Olver doesn’t get his signatures in on time or something happens to Olver after the date that he can be replaced on the ballot (like in the New Jersey senate race: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R…  Of course, in the event of the latter, the legislature will no doubt change the law so you’d still be screwed.

    I go by Maggie Thatcher’s dictum: “Today we win the debate, tomorrow the vote”  If you are content with winning the debate, by all means run.    

  • But did you first form a discussion group to consider whether you should seek advice from local political experts regarding whether you should form an exploratory committee to run for Congress?

    I keed.

  • Even if your district is not favorable and you can’t put up much of a fight, there’s a higher chance you could get swept in via a “throw the bums out” wave.

    Absolutely no potential candidate should forget that Scott Brown:

    Was experienced.

    Was a good candidate (great intangibles, no real negatives)

    Ran an excellent, excellent campaign.

    Worked his ass off.

    Caught a wave.

    Everyone is focusing on the wave, but without all the first four points I don’t think he would have won. Locally they would be less important, and a newbie much catch a break.

  • I’d suggest building the groundwork now to campaign for the 2012 elections.

    For now, work on another candidate’s campaign, get more exposure and experience, and then go big in 2012.

  • Well, Keith, since you called me the other day about my willingess to debate, I guess I can respond to this post.

    As you know, I’m running to the left of Olver–yes, to the left–over the edge of the world from the RedMass perspective 🙂

    (Curious? See http://www.engelforcongress.org.)

    First of all, it’s not so clear yet that Olver is actually running.  But if he does, an active Republican candidate on his right and an active independent candidate on his left might force him out of hiding–and certainly make the campaign more interesting, forcing greater media attention (which would be helpful to me and probably to you).  The votes you get are not likely to go to me or any Democrat if there is no Republican candidate at all.  So, Keith, go for it.