I am considering a run against John Olver.

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

Draft Release:

Greenfield school committee member Keith McCormic is seeking advice from local political experts regarding the formation of an exploratory committee to run for federal office, raising the possibility that he may run for the First Congressional District seat now held by Democrat John Olver of Amherst.  As a freshman member of the school committee, McCormic recently broke a six-month political logjam by boldly calling for a surprise up-or-down vote to negotiate a successor contract with the current superintendent.

He was also instrumental in Greenfield’s decision to decline to participate in the Race-To-The-Top competitive grant because he felt that the vague language of the application contract would have given too much power to the state and saddled the schools with excessive administrative costs.  In addition, McCormic stepped directly into a leadership role with the Franklin County School Committee Caucus, where he helped to lead the crafting of a Joint Declaration that has since been ratified by a majority of area school boards as a model for collaborative education reform that protects the sovereignty of local schools.

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