How Desperate Is Coakley?

We conducted a very unscientific poll yesterday on who would throw Martha Coakley under the bus today and you jerks picked our favorite troll, Festus Garvey. Anyway, it turns out that White House staffers are now throwing Coakley under the bus saying they expect her to lose. So far she has gone the entire day without doing anything stupid but there is still time for her to kick a puppy while wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey and making Irish jokes.

All the negativity surrounding her – gaffes excluded – could actually be an attempt to drum up support from Democratic activists and their base. For all we know the Coakley campaign could finally have some type of strategy.

You, our esteemed local readers, are well aware of the massive Democratic machine that exists throughout the Commonwealth but that machine, for the most part, is very local. State reps, mayors, and state senators are the key to the get out the vote operations. They’re the boots on the ground and they know their precincts, their wards, and poll workers. They know everything and more about their districts. Will they get behind Coakley to turn out the vote in a special election? If they do, what is their motivation in spending their political capital – extremely safe incumbency – on a gafftastic candidate?

With the historic exception of gubernatorial candidates local get out the vote operations usually favor statewide Democratic candidates because of the disparity in the legislature. This time there are no local races to bolster the turnout for the top-of-the-ticket Democrat.    

The liberal base is not excited by Coakley and this is apparent if you read the local liberal blogs. A Michael Capuano candidacy would be playing out very differently right now. She has no passion, no fire, and comes across as a coldhearted member of the good ol’ boys club with a skirt.

They just really, really hate Scott Brown because they suffer from this delusion that he is this right-wing nut job AND their candidate, really, really sucks. Brown could not be less of a wing nut because he is boring and mostly moderate. He is too clean cut, establishment oriented, and on the reservation to be the right-wing nut job they are so desperately trying to paint him as. A true right winger could never win in Massachusetts.

The liberal hatred for Scott Brown and the Massachusetts Democratic machine in full panic/rouse the base mode will be the only things driving the left to the polls on Tuesday and that might be enough in the end for Coakley to squeak out a win.    

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