Herald suggests that BROWN win will give us the GOVERNOR’s office.

The Boston Herald had a great article Sunday on how SCOTT BROWN’s win will affect the governors race.  Reporter Dave Wedge writes –

“Patrick insiders say the governor’s campaign people are horrified by Brown’s surge, considering that Patrick is facing a candidate eerily similar to Brown in Republican health-care honcho Charlie Baker, not to mention a well-funded moderate Democrat in independent candidate Treasurer Tim Cahill.”

No where in the article was the convenience store owner Christie Mehos mentioned.  



PS – do not vote alone tomorrow.  I’ve already line up two neighbors who have agreed to vote for scott if I drive them to the polls.  Every vote will count.  This thing could be really close, but Scott is going to WIN. Martha could not even get a good crowd out with POTUS.  I was at Mechanics Hall and you could not even move, it was so crowded.  We are in this to win.

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