Help Pick Niki Tsongas’ “Worst Vote of 2009”

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My campaign for the Fifth Massachusetts Congressional District has launched a website documenting Congresswoman Niki Tsongas’ worst votes of the last year. lists the 9 worst votes and you can help choose the most objectionable. Niki Tsongas has proven through these votes that she has failed to represent her constituents from the 5th Congressional District while down in Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Tsongas’ votes are consistently antithetical to the best interests of the taxpayer.

She has joined with Nancy Pelosi and the liberal leadership in the House to pass the massive government takeover of the health care system, the job-killing ‘cap-and-tax’ energy bill and the failed $700 billion stimulus bill. In one startlingly scandalous vote, she joined with only seventy-four of her colleagues in voting against the defunding of the corrupt ACORN group. Thankfully 345 other colleagues voted to strip taxpayer funding.

I am running for Congress because Niki Tsongas does not represent her district. The Fifth Congressional District voted overwhelmingly for Scott Brown who campaigned against the status quo in Washington, D.C. and against much of what Niki Tsongas represents. With her record and votes exposed, voters will see she is in lockstep with liberal leadership and out-of-step with them.

I encourage you to visit today. Check out the list of votes and cast your vote for the worst one. I invite you to also visit to find out more about my campaign. Over the next several months, Republicans will be given a choice on who is the best candidate to take on Niki Tsongas in November. I ask you to consider my candidacy as you make up your mind.


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