Green Party candidate has about nine times the money of CHRISTY

What’s increasingly disturbing about the race for governor in Massachusetts is the fact that there is a needless distraction.

In politics, we need to be practical and realistic.  As Republicans, we just learned yesterday that when we are UNITED and put forward SERIOUS candidates, there is NOTHING WE CAN’T do to take back our country and make government efficient and responsible.

In the race for governor, Christy Mihos remains in the race.  As of today, the state says that the GREEN/RAINBOW PARTY candidate has about ten times the money he does in a political treasury.  Jill Stein’s balance is $9034.29 while Christie’s is $1987.86.

Christie has the right to run…..just as Joe Kennedy (no relation) had the right to run in the just finished senate bid.  But at what point does it become personal, and not about helping the party.

Mr. Christy Mihos can’t be a serious contender for our party when you have $1987.86 in the bank, compared to Charlie Baker’s $1,628,548.93

It’s simply not realistic.

Having read articles on this page in the past, I’m hoping we can have an adult conversation here.  The following points are substantive –

1. What is going on here.  How can anyone be taken seriously as a GOP contender when they have less money in their campaign account than the GREEN RAINBOW party candidate.

2. Would our strength not be enhanced by rallying around one candidate, and having all offices covered with candidates?  After Tuesday, the Democrats are going to dig in.  They are not going down without a fight.  We can’t afford internal fights that siphon off money needed for the general election.

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