Fall River GOP Ready to Ramp Up Its Image

I was pleasantly surprised to read this at www.HeraldNews.com as a part of tomorrow’s newspaper coverage.

State Committeeman David Rose of Fall River & the Jeff Hopkins, the new city committee chairman, have been working hard to really make an impact in their municipality.

Just today they cranked out a couple thousand phone calls at a newly established phone bank for Scott Brown for US Senate.  The phone banks will contine from 12 noon to 9 pm over the next 2 Sundays leading up to the special election.

Congratulations to the Fall River Republican City Committee for getting this well deserved publicity.  I’m glad to have a vibrant sister city down the road here in the SouthCoast.

Fall River – In a city leaning heavily Democratic, the political minority is ready to make a change.

With new chairman Jeffrey Hopkins in place, the Fall River Republican City Committee is looking to make a dent in the city’s Democratic majority by building the GOP party from the ground up.

The effort, in part, begins with organizing the group’s ward committees – four of the party’s nine groups are inactive – and will continue by building a platform for candidates seeking office to lean on as they canvass for votes.

A more daunting task will be to build upon the city’s 3,500 registered Republican voters – as of the 2008 Presidential election – by looking to the 17,169 unenrolled voters as a potential source of growth. Hopkins, however, is optimistic Fall River is ready for a stronger, localized Republican party.


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