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  • How late can we do the “call from home” tonight? (I am out on the west coast right now on work.)  Can we call until 9PM EST?

    Also, anyone else doing calling from home and getting a lot of “invalid destination number” problems?  What is the deal with that?

  • It’s my understand you can’t even log into the call center outside of it’s 9-9 timeframe….

  • Ok. I will keep calling until 9pm EST.  This would be so much easier to do if I wasn’t traveling.

    I liked the BC04 system in NH a ton when I was on the ground there.  the system McCain/Palin setup in 08 in NH wasn’t as good.  This online system is far from ideal to use.

    BUT IT IS WORTH IT!  1:15 to go.

  • My wife is in the boston office and the phones are 110% full. People waiting to relieve anyone that wants to take a break.

    I am in CA using my iPhone (damn business trip).  The online system seems to be dragging to a halt and slow.  Too many Brown supporters around the country logged in right now for the final 30 minutes?

    Also, will there be any use for calling from home tomorrow as part of the standard GOTV “have you voted yet?” push?

  • I got one Coakley call this afternoon.  The phone rang 3 times, I got on and they hung up.  They really wanted my vote or do they know who I am?  LOL!