Eagle Tribune endorses Brown.

Today, the Eagle Tribune endorsed Scott Brown for US Senate.

Now, voters in Massachusetts can make a real change in Washington. They can put a stop to the leftward surge in politics led by an unfettered Democratic Party. They can end the runaway spending that is heaping unimaginable debt on our children and grandchildren, leaving them the legacy of a bankrupt nation. They can stop the one-party rewrite of health care laws that polls show a majority of citizens does not support.

On Jan. 19, vote to make a difference. Vote for real change. Vote to send Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate.

In the special election to replace Sen. Kennedy, Brown stands head and shoulders above his opponent, Attorney General Martha Coakley. Since her win in the Democratic primary, Coakley has been hiding from the voters, hoping that the less they know about her, the more they’ll like her. “No Show” Coakley hopes that she’ll skate into a Senate seat by virtue of her gender and her Democratic Party affiliation in this bluest of blue states.

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