“Did You Realize, That You Were a Champion in Their Eyes?”

Yes he did!

Scott Brown’s victory is the stuff that reality is made of. Against all odds, against all doubters, against all conventional wisdom, he scored a historic win to claim the people’s US Senate seat, defeating Attorney General Martha Coakley to become our newest, and potentially strongest, advocate in Washington.

Any parent who thinks their kids no longer have any real heroes or role models after Tiger Woods and Gilbert Arenas can now point to Brown as someone to look up to. Here is a man who came from nothing yet became everything, a courageous contender who literally worked his tail off to become somebody. Brown embodies more than just the Spirit of Massachusetts. He is truly an American Original.

Even before he has served a day in the US Senate, Scott Brown has become a symbol. Brown represents every student who was told he’d never get on the honor roll, every employee who was told he’d never become a boss, every undercard fighter who was told he’d never make it to the main event. He is, in so many ways, the Chesley Sullenberger of American politics–a man who is ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.  

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but at the outset of this campaign even I didn’t think Brown could bring down the organizational Goliath that is the Massachusetts Democratic Party. I was convinced that Brown would be defeated–but thankfully, it was not to be.

I failed to take into account Brown’s steely resolve, his ability to win by sheer force of will. I failed to realize that Brown was from the old school, the last graduate of the Hard Times Academy, the man voted most likely to get right back up after being knocked down.

Brown’s a tough individual–much tougher than Coakley, who ran what can only be described as a non-campaign. Coakley was a seriously contender only in theory; in the real world, she was exposed as a faker.

Coakley had nothing, brought nothing, did nothing. Her campaign had no strategy other than to hurl as much hatred as possible at Brown, and pray to somebody that the people would buy it.

They didn’t. Thank God.

Brown was the Man in the Arena, the man who fought, the man who worked, the man who strove, and ultimately, the man who succeeded. He is the man who broke, and rewrote, every rule.

Although many Bay Staters are rejoicing in this victory, there is a mass a blue bitterness out there, a coterie of cantankerous complainers who have taken to their laptops to lament their loss. These progressive pouters–the ones who sought to scandalize Brown’s name, who tried to spread contamination over his reputation–are now looking for spooky, nefarious third-party entities that they can hold responsible for Coakley’s loss. They will forever claim that these special interests screwed Coakley.

No. Martha Coakley screwed Martha Coakley.

If she had actually taken this race seriously, she probably would have gone over. However, she decided to act like an egomaniacal elitist, blowing off numerous opportunities to speak to constituents on radio and running the most piss-poor campaign since the 2008 John McCain. She has no one to blame but herself; it was her colossal conceit that condemned her.

Brown, on the other hand, ran a flawless campaign, speaking about real issues and engaging the public with real ideas. Even the President of the United States couldn’t stop him from shining! He embraced the spirit of JFK, reminding the electorate that the Democratic Party has deviated from its once-proud legacy. He spoke to hope, to optimism, to the greatness of the future, reaching the same rhetorical plateaus Ronald Reagan reached three decades ago.  Brown convinced this state that tomorrow can be better than yesterday, something Coakley was wholly incapable of.

January 19, 2010 was a great day for Massachusetts, a great day for America, a great day for all individuals who strive every day to make something better of themselves. It is fitting that Brown won just one day after we celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In his own way, Scott Brown is a freedom fighter: as a Senator, he will fight to free us from the overreach of government, the arrogance of bureaucracy, the foolishness that currently dominates Washington. Brown will be more than just a legislator; he will be a liberator.

Scott Brown’s win is the victory of love, thought and truth over hate, ignorance and lies.

Damn skippy, he’s a champion in our eyes!


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