Did Mass Dem Teamsters Eliminate Their Best Senatorial Candidate?

Flashback: September, 2009 – Senator Edward M. Kennedy is laid to rest. I was in Washington D.C. doing a radio show from the Phoenix Park Hotel and had a conversation with WRKO’s Howie Carr about the prospects for the Democrats in their primary. Carr noted that SEIU and other labor unions informed Massachusetts congressman Stephen Lynch of South Boston that they would not welcome him in the Mass Democratic Senatorial primary since he did not support the Democratic healthcare plan.

Lynch, in my assessment of the field, was the most likely to succeed Kennedy in all of Massachusetts. He is strong on national defense, similar to Scott Brown on abortion issues, fiscally moderate and not on board with much of the liberal Obama agenda.

A former iron worker and union member, Lynch is the most palatable legislator  in the Mass delegation.

Irony: the Teamsters and labor organizations here that threw Lynch to the side over the healthcare issue now themselves are in dispute with President Obama and the healthcare plan. Monday January 11, 2010 they left the White House meeting with the president dejected and angry with the knowledge that each of their members would be taxed by the thousands to pay for it. As it turns out, now they agree with Lynch!

With Martha Coakley plummeting in the polls and millions of Democratic dollars from around the nation being reshuffled to Massachusetts to defeat an upstart, little known scrapper in Republican state senator Scott Brown, the left wing of the Democratic Party may have ostricized their best chance to win and have only themselves to blame if they end up watching Senator Scott Brown sworn in on Capitol Hill this winter.


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