Democratic National Committee takes over Coakley press shop

The Democratic National Committee has taken over the Martha Coakley press shop as of today.  They are scared over in Demoland.

Hari Sevugan, the DNC’s national press secretary, confirms he’s headed to Boston to help with Martha Coakley’s effort, a move that underscores how focused the party is on the race.

Sevugan’s campaign and party role has been on offense, and I’d expect him to amp up the volume and intensity of attacks on Republican Scott Brown.

Here come the lies and distortions about Scott. Let’s beat them back at their own game. If you have verifiable documented material about Martha Coakley. We at Red Mass Group want it. Names will not be devulged. If you want to whistle blow, or you know something that can be verified, email us at your identity will be kept confidential.

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