Defeat Coakley a Second Time!

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Hey all,

I am a frequent commentator over at BMG but only recently recovered my RMG password. I am a fairly progressive Democrat, but I am fiscally conservative and pro-life which gives me some common ground with some of you I am sure.

I voted for Capuano in the primary and voted against Brown in the general election, never did I consciously feel I was voting for Martha Coakley. Not only does she support abortion on demand but she actively procured abortions for women during her law school days. She destroyed the civil rights of the Amirualt family. She has consistently bent the rules and acted unethically, the Wall Street Journal called her one of the most ethically challenged AG’s in the country. She has taken no action to stop the corruption on Beacon Hill. A more vigorous AG would be clapping down on the Wilkerson’s and the DiMasi’s of the world. This one sent them checks, and still is allied with powerbrokers like President Murray.

To make a long story short, I think someone, be they a reform minded Democrat, Republican, or independent should give her a challenge. She is damaged goods politically and ethically and ought to be forced to defend her views. And yes she is running according to the Boston Globe, so the time to find a good challenger is now.

So who is out there willing to take this step?

Michael E. Sullivan comes to mind but AG is a demotion of sorts from US Attorney. He is certainly qualified and this will give him the foundation he needs to run for future offices.

Andy Card. Unlike Brown, he has a lot of bad associations with Bush that will hurt him among independent voters and reform minded Democrats.

Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson has a solid record but is he well known enough state wide? has Karyn Polito has a potential candidate, is a female so mitigates the women vote, and she seems charismatic enough on this site, but would she be able to energize independents and reform minded Democrats as well as Republicans?

Kerry Healy. Again a potential demotion, but would get her back into state politics, she has the money to blow, already has statewide name recognition, perhaps a Muffy resurrection?

In any case I can’t think of anymore names this late, but if you guys know someone willing to take her on, this Democrat will give them serious consideration regardless of party.  

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  • Sam Sutter the current DA of Bristol County

  • Attorney General isn’t a stepping stone to future offices.  

    1) Brown was very dismissive of Coakley in one of the debates after she had just finished touting her accomplishments.  He said something like, “Well of course you did those things.  That’s your job.”

    2) Make a bad judgement call and you’re done.  Make a good but unpopular judgement call and you’re done.  Very risky if a person has future political ambitions.

  • BrocktonDave

    I love that guy.

    He put one of the biggest political scumbags on the planet in jail.

    Mike, if you decide to run, let me know, I’ll send you some money!

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I know he ran once, but he has that populist appeal and he seems very well qualified.

  • Let me ask you JConway Why didn’t you vote for Scott Brown?

  • Unless something really unforeseen were to happen, Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson will be seeking his re-election his November.

    In fact, he has 2 campaign kick-off meetings coming up.  One is this Wednesday in Attleboo & another is this Thursday in New Bedford.

    For more details please see

  • MerrimackMan
  • He would be a great candidate, and it could set him up to run for governor or another office down the line.

    I’ve heard that Kerry Healy isn’t as flush with $$ as before. Her husband’s company took a nose-dive during the stock market down-fall last year. It’s rebounded, but not to the same level.