December 25th was the turning point. (Commentary)

A few days after Christmas, I was visitng my father, and he told me, “Brown is going to win, that Christmas plane thing is a maor screw up by Obama.”

Coakley’s attacks this week were only to get the message of the campaign off the topic of National Security. Unfortunately, it has worked and now everyone is talking about negative ads. National Security will knock out Coakley. Get back on topic.

The attack on December 25th was the turning point in this campaign. All other issues and messages from the campaigns stayed static until that moment, and since that moment, the polls have reflected that issue. This is why the polls have shifted so dramatically form the earlier ones.

Please focus on National Security. The contrast is the biggest winner for Brown.

While Martha Coakley wants to treat terrorists like shoplifters;

        Scott Brown wants to prosecute terrorists as war criminals.

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