Dear Joe Manzoli – is this the best way to represent a sometimes paying client?

Here are a couple of my favorites…from the Joe Manzoli email which I received Friday, but am finally getting to late today….this being catch-up day for me on the email front.

“…well healed lobbyist…”. Joe, do you mean well-heeled lobbyists?

“…let the elitist know you are “mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore…”.In the name of all that’s Holy, Joe, this is Massachusetts. Do you think there’s only one “elitist?” Don’t you mean “elitists?”

“…The evidence was backed up with copies emails…”.  Joe, do you mean copies of emails?

“…a political machine which is threaten by the truth…”.  Joe, do you mean threatened by the truth?

I still don’t know if the eblast sent out by Joe was intended to make a point or just prove that someone was absent for third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh grade English classes.
 In any event, I think most of us know from working for a living that if you send out a letter attacking mistakes on the part of another, you sure as Perdition don’t send out a letter riddled with gramatical errors which are beyond measure.  Hey, atleast Frank Phillips can write and appears to have graduated from high school.

Joe, How can you represent a paying client so poorly?

You are running a campaign for governor of Massachusetts; a state which has produced presidents – and may still do so (I’m thinking of Scott Brown).  

This is not a race for county dog catcher in rural Mississippi.

People know you by how you present yourself…….and your paying client.  I don’t know what to believe about Christy Mihos anymore.  It’s literally impossible to keep up with the daily flow of scandals; and a superior court judge liening his businesses is not becoming a future governor of this state.

Even millionaires are not above the law.  You should pay your bills like the rest of us do.  You are not better than people who don’t live in giant, seaside mansions and who don’t drive a big, Mercedes SUV.

I do know that state records show Manzoli was paid $10,000 on the 15th of December, 2009.

Christy – sending out eblasts like that on your behalf is not worth 10k.  That’s money better spent on a real campaign manager – or paying off the $600,000 which Judge Locke said you stiffed Noonan fuel company – which is why  your business assets have been liened by the court.

If you can’t manage your own affairs, how, exactly, will you manage the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Instead of telling us about the plots against you, tell us what your plan is to settle all these debts.  Tell us why we should trust you when we get so many different versions of the truth.  We really want to know.  

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