Danvers Selectman endorses Scott Brown

This should really go under my ‘Letters to the Editor” post, but thought it deserves more attention:

From the Danvers Herald.  The endorsement isn’t long so here goes:

Partisan bickering is a cornerstone of Washington politics. At no time has that been more obvious than under the current administration. Republicans have been kept out of legislative meeting regarding the largest bills in American history. Some may argue that this was also the case under the former administration, and while that may be true, I would like to offer a solution.

While I would prefer that a third party (and even a fourth or fifth!) would emerge and break the “us versus them” mentality in Washington, it is obvious to me that Massachusetts needs a bi-partisan delegation in Washington. Twelve other States have one Republican and one Democrat, so let’s become the thirteenth and elect Scott Brown to the United States Senate on January 19th.

In 1776, thirteen colonies issued a declaration that changed the way government operated.  In 2010, Massachusetts should do the same.

Keith Lucy


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