Dan Kennedy goes nuclear on Bill Hudak

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Well that didn’t take long. Dan Kennedy, self-appointed guardian of the Mainstream Media and hyperliberal, is now applying the birther smear to Congressional candidate Bill Hudak.

Sen.-elect Scott Brown has endorsed a candidate for Congress who has asserted that President Obama was born in Kenya rather than the United States, and who drew complaints from his neighbors during the 2008 presidential campaign for putting up signs on his property depicting Obama as Osama bin Laden.

And Dan Kennedy is hoping that the media soon links Brown to Birthers.

But Brown has already been caught expressing falsehoods about Obama. As Blue Mass Group discovered last week, Brown once raised the possibility that Obama had been born out of wedlock, an assertion for which there is zero evidence.

The question now is whether Brown has the guts and integrity to admit he made a mistake and withdraw his endorsement of Hudak.

Not only would Brown’s repudiation of Hudak be the right thing to do, but it would be for the good of the Republican Party as well. Brown won overwhelmingly in Tierney’s district, which you’d think would make the Democrat vulnerable this fall. But if the Republicans can’t come up with a candidate more credible than Hudak, Tierney will likely roll to re-election.

Tierney’s wasting no time is he? Apparently the silent one from the Sixth hasn’t learned much from the Coakley campaign of planting red herrings to save his pitiful performance in Congress.

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