Daily Kos/Research 2000: Tie!


Scott Brown 48%

Martha Coakley 48%

Joe Kennedy 3%

Undecided 1%

This is the same polling firm that did the Blue Mass Group poll 4 days ago showing Martha Coakley leading by 8%.  The Rasmussen poll from 1/11 is the only active poll remaining showing Martha Coakley with a lead at +2%.

The Research 2000 polling company his a history of over polling Democrats.  Actual elections results virtually always have Republicans doing better than this poll shows.  I documented the history of this junk poll here.


The Research 2000 Massachusetts Poll was conducted from January 15 through January 17, 2010. A total of 500 likely voters who vote regularly in state elections were interviewed statewide by telephone.

Remember when Rasmussen came out with their poll on 1/4 showing Coakley up by +9%?

Remember all the screams of outlandish bias coming from the left?

Good times, good times.

Active Polls:

Daily Kos/R2000: Tie

PJM/CrossTarget (R): Brown +10

PPP (D): Brown +5

InsideMedford/MRG: Brown +10

ARG: Brown +3

Suffolk/7News: Brown +4

Rasmussen Reports: Coakley +2

List of poll over the past 10 days.  Older polls removes by more recent polls by the same firm.

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