Coakley uses Rush Limbaugh is a Nazi imagery to attack Scott Brown

(Promoted to remind you of what the Dems are trying to do again. It didn’t work in 2010 and it isn’t going to work now.

Update: Democratic thought leader David Kravitz of Blue Mass Group cheers the Nazi reference.

The left is contemptible. – Thanks for the spell check David. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Martha Coakley has used imagery of Rush Limbaugh to intimate that both he and Scott Brown are Nazi’s.  Coupled with the title of the ad “Lockstep” the imagery is not to be missed.

The screengrab above is from the seven second mark of the advertisement.  It shows Rush Limbaugh with his hand raised in a seemingly Nazi Salute. Martha says in the beginning of the Ad that she approves of this message.  

My question for Martha is, “Do you think Scott Brown and his supporters are Nazis?”

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    Check out this GEM

    I love   (0.00 / 0)

    that we live in a state where ads are run with the word “Republican” in blood red.  Makes me proud to call this my home.

    Yes sir…please turn the light out when you exit the state…<shakes head in disgust>

  • Coakley and her folks have been so quick to dismiss the recent polls, but they have to be sweating a little. Either this recent shot below the belt is out of desperation or they’ve been planning it anyway.

    Neither explanation sits well with me.

    And I wish she’d stop robocalling my house and even my wife’s cellphone.

    Personally, I can’t wait for this to be over.  

  • When backed in a corner, liken your opponent to the Nazis. What a tired cliche.

  • shallow And misdirected analysis of this ad does not even touch what I must call the most disgusting ad I’ve ever in my life seen…conducted directly by a candidate’s campaign.

    Have you no shame, Martha?

    Rhetorical question, Dippy.

  • JoeTS

    But I have to say, its a pretty convincing argument in favor of the stimulus

  • This ad is most likely the work of the national DNC campaign person who was sent from DC to take over Coakley’s campaign.

    Expect to see more of the same.

    I always recall Al Franken (before he was Sen Franken) doing

    a Weekend Update analysis of negative political ads – with “Ted Kennedy – He’s a Big, Fat Drunk!” and “Dianne Feinstein – She’s a Jew!” with the same ominous music playing in the background as in Coakley’s ad.  Hmmmm….

    (here’s a link to the transcript of that bit:

  • I wonder if this may cost them #60 regardless of who wins.

    I do not see Joe Lieberman responding well to these types of ads used in any campaign.  That it is in the state next door and for the seat formerly held by Ted, someone he worked well with for many years, could be even more infuriating.

    Tasteless, vile and very unbecoming of the candidate who has another ad saying she is accountable to me.  Well I want to know if you did this on purpose and what are you thinking?

  • Festus Garvey

    You have directly compared the President of the United States to Hitler.

    And now you get all rabid about ONE SECOND of video to accuse Coakley of using Nazi “imagery”.  You are such a pathetic example of someone who will say anything thing to advance your agenda, no matter how false and ridiculous your assertions are.   You and you union “thugs” bogeymen have more in common than you care to admit.

  • …I’m ashamed that a so-called professional politician would put their name and approvel on such a commercial.

    Jeez, Martha, haven’t you ever heard of affinity groups?  You get MoveOn to do an ad like this so you can act shocked even while your ‘message’ gets out…

  • I have had the form for a few months but didn’t send in until Thursday, I am still a republican at heart, but decided to become unenrolled in MA.

    Martha scares me, the dems scare me as much as the Obama admin scares Scott Brown. I loved it when Scott told Martha that she’s running against him, Scott Brown, not Bush/Cheney.  Scott telling them that this is the seat of the citizens of MA, not “the Kennedy seat” was another good one.

    Expect more smears from the Coakley and DNC, that is the way they do it. I see that you referenced Hillbuzz earlier today. I did not think I would like that site, but I got the link from when they apologized to the Bushes for their service to this country.  

  • This is nothing more than complete conjecture based on a single blog comment.

    Before calling the left “contemptable” …

    When elected Senators from your own party have to come out and call this ad disgraceful, it certainly says something.

    But please, spin your tires on this weak argument, it certainly won’t help come Tuesday.