Coakley uses Rush Limbaugh is a Nazi imagery to attack Scott Brown

(Promoted to remind you of what the Dems are trying to do again. It didn’t work in 2010 and it isn’t going to work now.

Update: Democratic thought leader David Kravitz of Blue Mass Group cheers the Nazi reference.

The left is contemptible. – Thanks for the spell check David. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Martha Coakley has used imagery of Rush Limbaugh to intimate that both he and Scott Brown are Nazi’s.  Coupled with the title of the ad “Lockstep” the imagery is not to be missed.

The screengrab above is from the seven second mark of the advertisement.  It shows Rush Limbaugh with his hand raised in a seemingly Nazi Salute. Martha says in the beginning of the Ad that she approves of this message.  

My question for Martha is, “Do you think Scott Brown and his supporters are Nazis?”

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