Coakley Ad Fail

(Coakley has removed the video and replaced it with a video with the correct spelling of Mass-a-too-sets. – promoted by Garrett Quinn)

Martha Coakley’s new ad, ya know the one that frames Rush Limbaugh to appear so he is giving the Nazi salute, misspells Massachusetts.

For what it is worth Erik Gallant caught this over at the Springfield Republican, too.  

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  • JoeTS
  • Jeez…you want perfection from a union worker

  • GOPCobra

    Creates an extremely negative ad as Coakley’s second television spot, and doesn’t even bother to spell Massachusetts correctly. Bunch of Grade A morons over there.

  • SOCCER FAI…..oops, wrong thread.

    Martha FAIL!!

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio


    What a maroon!!!!

    BWA HA HA HA  

  • MrThom

    I’m Martha Coakley and I approved this massage. Um missive. I approved this mishap.