Charlie Baker Shatters Fundraising Records: $2.3 Million in Months

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The article also notes that Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei has already raised $313,000 towards his run for Lieutenant Governor.  

More importantly for this State Committee member, Charlie Baker has raised over $500,000 for the state party.

Baker has raised his funds from donations by a road base 7,449 donors & raised $726,000 in December.

In one of the most aggressive political fund-raising pushes in recent memory, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Charles D. Baker has amassed a $1.85 million war chest over roughly five months of campaigning, tapping into a broad range of supporters and establishing himself as a major threat to Governor Deval Patrick’s reelection bid.

Baker doubled, in less than half the time, what Patrick raised for the entirety of 2009, despite a fund-raising visit by President Obama this past fall for the Democratic governor. Baker’s coffers currently hold almost three times the amount in Patrick’s campaign account.

The Republican has also raised 3 1/2 times the amount that state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, an independent rival in the governor’s race, collected last year. Baker’s rival for the Republican nomination, Christy Mihos, lags far behind, relying mostly on personal wealth.

Baker’s fund-raising haul, which has broken records for a nonincumbent candidate who is not yet a party nominee, provides another jolt for Democrats already discouraged over Patrick’s underwhelming poll numbers and comparatively slow pace of fund-raising.…

Yes, I know of & thank Christy Mihos for his contributions to the MassGOP as well.  The more the the State Committee has, the more we can aid candidates.

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