Charlie Baker Led Fight to Save Massachusetts Fishing Industry

The fishermen of New Bedford & across the Commonwealth were spared by a vote of the New England Fishery Management Council on Wednesday that reveserd their previous draconian legal impositions.

Long before Deval Patrick put the fishery management issue on his own radar screen htere was another individual who listened to the fishermen of New Bedford, who lept up in response, & challenged the governor to take action.  That individual, who not only deserves but is now receiving the thanks and praise of fishermen from across the Commonwealth, was Charlie Baker!

Please click on this link to see 2 letters sent by Charlie Baker.  The top one was dated January 25 to the chairman of the New England Fishery Management Council.  The bottom letter is dated December 11 was sent from Charlie to Gov. Deval Patrick urging him to take action on this crucial issue.

Charlie Baker’s letters about the plight Mass fishing industry

Sure, the newspapers will put forth a laundry list of Democrat officials who were welcomed, but nonetheless late-comers to the issue.  Charlie Baker was there first and foremost.  How do I know?  Simple, I tood shoulder to shoulder with him at just about each & every meeting he had with fishermen in New Bedford.

You may remember this video that I previous posted about Charlie Baker’s visits to New Bedford:

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – In a rare reversal of what was to have been a final decision, the New England Fishery Management Council on Wednesday rescinded its November decision and restored fishing days to the scallop fleet in the northeast.

The contentious, 10-5 vote with two abstentions was made in a hotel ballroom packed with about 200 people, mostly fishermen from New Jersey to Maine and their supporters. Environmentalists on the council and from the audience derided the whole process, the media and politicians.

The council’s decision last fall would have cut the scallop harvest by some 25 percent, or what New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang said would translate into a $250 million economic hit for the port of New Bedford.

Lang testified in favor of raising the scallop limits, as did state Reps. John Quinn, D-Dartmouth, and William Straus, D-Mattapoisett. Garth Patterson represented U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., who had suggested that council Chairman John Pappalardo be replaced by the governor if he didn’t put the matter on the council agenda for reconsideration.…

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