Calvin Coolidge Describes Massachusetts in 1915

I just finished the “Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge.” Not a great read, but a great insight into the mind of a rather bland, focused, and highly intelligent man. Coolidge was a man of extreme common sense and may well have been ahead of his time. In 1915, while the Massachusetts Senate President, he described the political environment in Massachusetts as follows:

Massachusetts was beginning to suffer from a great complication of laws and restrictive regulations, from a multiplicity of Boards and Commissions, which had reached about one hundred, and from a large increase in the number of people on public payrolls, all of which was necessarily accompanied with a much larger cost of state government that had to be met by collecting more revenue from the taxpayers. The people began to realize that something was wrong and began to wonder whether more laws, more regulations, and more taxes, were really any benefit to them. They were becoming tired of agitation, criticism and destructive policies and wished to return to constructive methods.

It does appear that almost one hundred years later nothing has changed.  

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