Budget Open Thread

Governor Patrick has released his budget for 2011.

Brad Jones responds:

Governor Patrick’s talking point du jour is that he and his administration have now delivered four budgets that are “balanced, responsible and on time.”  Though I have not had the opportunity to read his latest budget in its entirety, I have read enough to know that while it may have been delivered on time, it is certainly not balanced or responsible.

It’s amazing that in a time of economic despair, Governor Patrick would think it is appropriate to actually increase the level of spending.  This budget is up more than 3% from last year’s budget and not surprisingly includes yet another tax hike.

While Governor Patrick is trying to sell himself as the “local aid” candidate, anyone who’s been watching the Governor since he assumed office knows that this is just an election year ploy.  He’s never been concerned about local aid in the past – one has to ask why the sudden interest.

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  • (pun intended)

    Taxing candy and soda now!!

  • Move 5 state agencies off budget!

    Remember how Carla Howell was mocked for trying to explain the the budget wasn’t $28 billion, but $45 billion due to grant and bond spending?

    Well, ALL transportation agencies – roads, aeronautics, RMV – are now funded out of the ‘Mass Transportation Trust Fund’ – sales tax, bond money, Federal stimulus and grants (!!).  No direct approriation, just amorphous floating in the Land Beyond the Bottom Line Item…

    No need to have an appropriation line for the Turnpike, or the MBTA…just let it FLOAT with bond funding…careless spending PLUS interest!

    NOW do you beleive the state budget isn’t some $28 billion???

    Thank GOD this goofy, thieving scheme is just House One!

  • Not only does it call for $1.4 Billion in Federal Stimulus funds, $600M of that hasn’t even been approved by Congress.

    Yet, he’s out there touting “level funded” local aid…