BROWN WIN will be a HUGE boost to BAKER

So here I am watching FOX NEWS and another GREAT interview with Scott Brown, who is an avid supporter of our next governor Charlie Baker.  I’m convinced SCOTT wins this next week.  His debate last night was a ten out of ten, and Martha – can’t even get the state police to endorse her – Coakley looked like a deer in the headlights.  She has no passion and would not be an advocate for working class people.  She would just be a Harry Reid clone.

If I’m right, not only does Scott Brown go on to become a national figure and hero to GOP everywhere, but he comes back to help Charlie Baker win the GOVERNOR’s race.  Think about it this way – when Scott wins, and HE WILL, he becomes Sarah Palin to the TENTH power to the national GOP.  Just one fundraising letter by him for Charlie will bring in UBER BUCKS for the BAKER TICKET.  Mihos certainly can’t compete with that, unless he puts his six million dollar mcmansion on sale, before the IRS lien’s it again.

Mihos has raised dismal sums of money and has less than 5k in the political bank account right now.  He’s flatlined.

So, if you’re Christy Mihos, do you want Brown to win or lose??

Further, it’s very difficult for CHRISTY to drop down to treasurer, even if he wanted to.  Given his documented problems with paying taxes on time – the boat being registered in another state to avoid taxes and the IRS lien – voters won’t support someone with those financial problems for the treasurer’s post.

In any event, it’s all mute.  When the caucuses begin next week, day by day we will have written evidence of the fact that there are NO MIHOS slates and no support for the candidate who ran such a brutal and sexist campaign against our nominee in 2006.

Mr. Negative – I can’t remember driving myself to the hospital – goes down, just like COAKLEY goes down on Tuesday.

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