Brown losing support of marriage crowd?


3. Say it ain’t so! As race gets tighter Republican Scott Brown’s veering to the left.

We really want to like Scott Brown. But he’s making it difficult. Like John McCain, Brown’s best asset is the fact that he’s running against the worst Democrat ever.

As this race gets tighter Brown seems to be succumbing to the idea that you’ll pick up even more votes if you just move more to the left. Become a moderate and more people will like you!

Of course, it helps that most Massachusetts conservatives — unlike the Left — are not very principled and will easily support “the lesser of two evils” rather than demand any kind of ideological fortitude.

They recognize that Coakley “would probably be the most left-wing, anti-family member of Congress in Massachusetts history”, but it looks like they are wary enough of Brown that they might not bother to vote on a cold January day.

How could he say same-sex marriage is settled law?  It is precisely the issue the next senator is going to be dealing with before Obama’s term ends.  I can understand not making it his primary issue, but he is in danger of losing a big part of his motivated base by going soft on marriage.  All the moonbats that are insistent on same-sex marriage are solidly in Coakley’s column, they can’t be swayed to a Republican who said lesbians raising children is “not normal” just because now he is claiming to be moderate who wouldn’t stop same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.  I predict low turnout by unsatisfied social conservatives, unimpressed by pickup trucks, war, and steaks, and Coakley romping because she constantly reassures her base that she is just as radical and anti-family as it’s possible to be.  The good news is that we would be able to cite Brown’s abandonment of traditional marriage supporters as the cause.

Good thing I didn’t buy “writeinjohnhowardforsenate2010“.

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