Brown has $4M cash on hand

According to the Boston Globe Scott Brown ended up raising $13M and has an astonishing $4M on hand with two years left to pad that amount before coming up for reelection.

Brown raised so much late money – about $1 million a day via the Internet at the end – that he couldn’t spend it all. He ended the campaign with an estimated $4 million in his campaign account, spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said. The campaign’s original budget was $1.2 million, but it ultimately raised about $13 million. With a flush campaign account, Brown will enter office in a stronger position to defend against an almost certain challenge in 2012.

The Republican insurgent outspent Coakley, roughly $8.7 million to $5.1 million during the six weeks following the primaries, according to estimates provided by the campaigns. Coakley also received help from the national and state Democratic Party committees, who spent about $4.3 million, mostly on advertising and all of it in the last week, to prop up her wilting candidacy. Their GOP counterparts did not pay for any ads to help Brown. Outside interest groups also played a major role, with seven organizations spending nearly $2.7 million to help Brown, and five others spending more than $1.8 million on Coakley’s behalf.

I knew they were raising some serious cash in my conversations with Beth Lindstrom and Priscilla Ruzzo. But this is astonishing.  The discipline this campaign had in keeping the amount of money a secret was amazing.  Martha didn’t know what she was going up against.  

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