Brown Gets Support from Democrats!

(Video is now up and is posted after the jump.   – promoted by Garrett Quinn)

Scott Brown visited Southie to film his next commercial and do a little campaigning. About 40 people arrived in the bitter cold at 7:30 am this morning to show support for Scott and hold signs in the busiest intersection in the neighborhood. Now to understand the neighborhood political landscape,  South Boston is 7-1 Democrats over Republicans.

The support was amazing with non-stop car honking from residents, cabbies and even Boston Police Cars as Democrats came in droves to show their support for Scott. We ran into a bunch of closet Republicans who are now proud to tell the World they are Republican. Our Ward Committee recruited 7 new members in today’s stand out, which now more than doubles our start up group. Even a few Union workers confided in us that they have had enough with the broken promises from the Democrats in Washington. They were supposed to be protected in the Healthcare Reform Bill ,but now they will be taxed like private insurance holders.  

With great enthusiasm and optimistic hope, if my Blue neighborhood can show this much support for Scott Brown, then I can only imagine the excitement around the rest of Massachusetts.

Jason Healey

Boston’s Ward 7 Republican Chair

Freezin For A Reason

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