BREAKING:Phony robo calls tell voters Mass Citizens for Life is not supporting Brown

Boston, MA ( — Behind in the polls to Republican Senate candidate Scott brown, supporters of pro-abortion candidate Martha Coakley have evidentially reached into their bag of dirty tricks. A Washington, D.C. based company is making calls to Massachusetts residents pretending to represent a prominent pro-life group.

The calls, from 202-461-3441, a Washington number registered to a company called SOOH, claim to be from Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

The caller claims the pro-life group is opposing Scott brown because of his stance against the health care bill, but as MCFL president Anne Fox told late Monday, the opposite is true.

“Pro-lifers are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be Massachusetts Citizens for Life. The callers say that MCFL is not supporting Scott Brown because of his position on health care,” she said. “The truth is that Massachusetts Citizens for Life is supporting Brown because of his position on health care.”

The same number is also making calls to other state residents with various messages all attacking Brown.

“Pro-lifers are not the only victims of this scam. Our MCFL sleuths have found that this same number is calling people across the state claiming to be different groups with different messages — all anti-Brown,” Fox added.

Fox is hoping to get the message out to voters today that MCFL supports Brown and wants Coakley defeated because she is an extreme pro-abortion candidate.

“We cannot let this election be stolen,” she says, adding that she hopes the “deceit” will not go “viral” today.

However, if the reports let at various calling identification and complaint web sites are any indication, the calls have already confused voters.

“These are calls from a group supporting Scott Brown. Unbelievable questions; horrible survey — just disgusting. I’m voting for Coakley as a result,” one woman named Rita wrote on one reporting web site.

‘It’s a political Scott Brown group. I am so fed up with these people; would never vote for this guy,” another call recipient said.

But some callers saw through the shenanigans.

“This is a low down dirty trick by the left, this group does not represent Mr. Brown. Shame on you leftists,” one call recipient added.

Fox implores those receiving calls to keep the message left on an answering machine or voicemail system.

“These people should be made accountable for using our name,” she says.

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