Breaking: Scott Brown to File Criminal Complaint against MassDems

(The Massachusetts Democratic Party is taking a page out of its failed playbook in attacking Scott Brown for the Conscience Clause.  Even David Bernstein agrees.

Keep it up Chairman Walsh.  You did such a great job in 2010! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

This just came in the email box.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                       CONTACT: Felix Browne

January 16, 2010                                                                                                        617-###-####


Dan Winslow, counsel for the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign, will hold a media availability to announce the filing of a criminal complaint against the Massachusetts Democratic Party regarding a recent mailing paid for and sent by the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Winslow will make a statement and take reporters’ questions at MassGOP Headquarters in Boston TODAY at  4:00 PM.

Massachusetts GOP Headquarters

85 Merrimac Street, 4th Floor


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  • nomad943

    Candy … sounds tasty; want to read more.

  • MerrimackMan
  • Dunno what this is about but I cant wait to hear more about it.

    Gee…. does it surprise anyone that the Dems did something underhanded?

  • Karl Marx

    Is it a game changer? Or will it antagonize the press?  

  • Most vile mailing ever.  With no apparent source.


  • If the Brown campaign is still trying to deflect this attack, they must know something we don’t. Perhaps it’s working? Sad to say this lie would gain traction, but if I had to bet money, I would bet that the Brown campaign’s internals are showing slip in support in women.

  • Anyone going to GOP headquarters?  

  • Festus Garvey

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…from the Republican party that claimed Deval would release rapists and that Martha wants the US to surrender to terrorists, they certainly whine like little babies when the table is turned.

    BTW, when is this “criminal complaint” going to be filed…?  With Monday being a holiday, they’ll have to wait until Tuesday morning before they can hold a press conference before marching up the stairs of an open courthouse.  And what is the crime…the first amendment?  

  • and they wonder why people are turned off by politics.

    In comparision Scott has proved, win or lose, you can run a postive campaign and do well, even in Massachusetts.

  • that our resident domestic enemy has no problem with this dispicable tactic.

  • My brother who is as apolitical as they come called me today irate at the ads he heard in the car today.  He asked how can Martha distort the positions of Brown so much and have no one call her on it. He said that if he did that in his business the AG’s office would be coming after him for deceitful advertising.

    Well he is calling all his friends and many clients to let them know how important it is to vote for Brown.

    That was around 4:00.  He called a few minutes ago and said he had called a couple of priests he knows and they were ticked at the emergency room ad and the mailer that Coakley sent out.

    He has called almost 25 people already and plans to call throughout the weekend.

    Have to hand it to Martha she has been able to get people interested in this race like never before!

  • Gateway Pundit has the details:  http://gatewaypundit.firstthin

    The Washington Post has a story:

    Nothing in the Boston media yet.  They must be watching the Patriots playoff game.  Doh!

  • Bruce in Iloilo

    Let’s be clear what we are talking about.  Scott Brown wants to give hospitals, doctors and nurses the legal right to follow their conscious and religious believes when it comes to prescribing “emergency contraceptives.”*  He wants to allow medical professions to practice medicine as they think is best for their patients.  And many don’t believe the “emergency contraceptives”* are in their patients’ best interest.  

    There is no “turning away”.  There is no denial of services. The law will not force hospitals to act against their better judgement.  That’s called freedom. What is wrong with that?

    *”Emergency contraception” is a misleading term of art.  In these cases they do not “contra’ the conception. They do not prevent an egg from being released or from being fertilized.  They prevent implantation in the uterus.  In other words, they cause a miscarriage. They are properly called abortifacients.  Hospitals, doctors, and nurses should not be forced by politicians to give out abortifacients against their better judgement.

  • …apparently received these mailers & have certainly seen the very negative campaign ads.  One woman was genuinely unsure about Scott Brown & the other tends to lean very liberal.

    Both women were extremely turned off by Coakley/Dem’s tactics.  

    This is on top of another (mid-20’s) co-worker telling me that her & her mother were similarly tipped towards Brown thanks to Coakley’s heavy handed ads & Brown’s positive, uplifting, issue-orientated pieces.

  • Ken Pittman

    Despite what you Festus or even Martha says, the LAW says no one can be denied their moral convictions in their vocation even those contrary to the employer’s.  

  • this Festus Garvey loser??  Bet he’s nothing more than a dishonorable liar.