Breaking: Scott Brown to File Criminal Complaint against MassDems

(The Massachusetts Democratic Party is taking a page out of its failed playbook in attacking Scott Brown for the Conscience Clause.  Even David Bernstein agrees.

Keep it up Chairman Walsh.  You did such a great job in 2010! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

This just came in the email box.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                       CONTACT: Felix Browne

January 16, 2010                                                                                                        617-###-####


Dan Winslow, counsel for the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign, will hold a media availability to announce the filing of a criminal complaint against the Massachusetts Democratic Party regarding a recent mailing paid for and sent by the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Winslow will make a statement and take reporters’ questions at MassGOP Headquarters in Boston TODAY at  4:00 PM.

Massachusetts GOP Headquarters

85 Merrimac Street, 4th Floor


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  1. Candy … sounds tasty; want to read more.

  2. Dunno what this is about but I cant wait to hear more about it.

    Gee…. does it surprise anyone that the Dems did something underhanded?

  3. Is it a game changer? Or will it antagonize the press?  

  4. Most vile mailing ever.  With no apparent source.


  5. If the Brown campaign is still trying to deflect this attack, they must know something we don’t. Perhaps it’s working? Sad to say this lie would gain traction, but if I had to bet money, I would bet that the Brown campaign’s internals are showing slip in support in women.

  6. Anyone going to GOP headquarters?  

  7. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…from the Republican party that claimed Deval would release rapists and that Martha wants the US to surrender to terrorists, they certainly whine like little babies when the table is turned.

    BTW, when is this “criminal complaint” going to be filed…?  With Monday being a holiday, they’ll have to wait until Tuesday morning before they can hold a press conference before marching up the stairs of an open courthouse.  And what is the crime…the first amendment?  

  8. and they wonder why people are turned off by politics.

    In comparision Scott has proved, win or lose, you can run a postive campaign and do well, even in Massachusetts.

  9. that our resident domestic enemy has no problem with this dispicable tactic.

  10. My brother who is as apolitical as they come called me today irate at the ads he heard in the car today.  He asked how can Martha distort the positions of Brown so much and have no one call her on it. He said that if he did that in his business the AG’s office would be coming after him for deceitful advertising.

    Well he is calling all his friends and many clients to let them know how important it is to vote for Brown.

    That was around 4:00.  He called a few minutes ago and said he had called a couple of priests he knows and they were ticked at the emergency room ad and the mailer that Coakley sent out.

    He has called almost 25 people already and plans to call throughout the weekend.

    Have to hand it to Martha she has been able to get people interested in this race like never before!

  11. Gateway Pundit has the details:  http://gatewaypundit.firstthin

    The Washington Post has a story:

    Nothing in the Boston media yet.  They must be watching the Patriots playoff game.  Doh!

  12. Let’s be clear what we are talking about.  Scott Brown wants to give hospitals, doctors and nurses the legal right to follow their conscious and religious believes when it comes to prescribing “emergency contraceptives.”*  He wants to allow medical professions to practice medicine as they think is best for their patients.  And many don’t believe the “emergency contraceptives”* are in their patients’ best interest.  

    There is no “turning away”.  There is no denial of services. The law will not force hospitals to act against their better judgement.  That’s called freedom. What is wrong with that?

    *”Emergency contraception” is a misleading term of art.  In these cases they do not “contra’ the conception. They do not prevent an egg from being released or from being fertilized.  They prevent implantation in the uterus.  In other words, they cause a miscarriage. They are properly called abortifacients.  Hospitals, doctors, and nurses should not be forced by politicians to give out abortifacients against their better judgement.

  13. …apparently received these mailers & have certainly seen the very negative campaign ads.  One woman was genuinely unsure about Scott Brown & the other tends to lean very liberal.

    Both women were extremely turned off by Coakley/Dem’s tactics.  

    This is on top of another (mid-20’s) co-worker telling me that her & her mother were similarly tipped towards Brown thanks to Coakley’s heavy handed ads & Brown’s positive, uplifting, issue-orientated pieces.

  14. Despite what you Festus or even Martha says, the LAW says no one can be denied their moral convictions in their vocation even those contrary to the employer’s.  

  15. this Festus Garvey loser??  Bet he’s nothing more than a dishonorable liar.

  16. A sign of desperation.

  17. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno


  18. Did not see the ad. Thats horrific.

    Someone is desperate….

  19. there? I tend to think this is a distraction. And standing alone the flier shows that Coakley is desperate. I think calling a press conference was a little over the top. A simple response from the campaign’s press office would suffice.

  20. may be called libel…although it’s almost impossible to make it stick with a so-called “public figure”.

    truth is not truth if it is taken out of context.  You know…the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Typical political stuff…they’re just running interference in the closing plays…nothing will come of it.

    Not sure I see the criminal element…I thought libel was a civil issue.  Unless they want to claim mail fraud, but that would be even more of a stretch (and federal to boot).

  21. Enjoy choking on Festivus.

    Chapter 56: Section 42. False statements relating to candidates or questions submitted to voters

    Section 42. No person shall make or publish, or cause to be made or published, any false statement in relation to any candidate for nomination or election to public office, which is designed or tends to aid or to injure or defeat such candidate.

    No person shall publish or cause to be published in any letter, circular, advertisement, poster or in any other writing any false statement in relation to any question submitted to the voters, which statement is designed to affect the vote on said question.

    Whoever knowingly violates any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months.

  22. This is happening ALL over the state ..people who hardly vote and dont get that involved are saying …I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!  I love it!!

  23. Anyone hear what the charges are?  There is no group of origin on the flyer.  It may be that the bulk mailing permit used to send it out was that of the Mass Dems.  Doesn’t sound criminal to me but I don’t know that area of the law.  

  24. has Festus EVER cared about a Democrat violating a law?

    ….or ever cared about a Democrat letting those Democrats that DO violate the law….get off with a slap?

  25. …because people would have been thrown in jail years ago.  Rick I know you want to ignore my point, but I’ll make it agin…the party that told voters that rapist will be able to freely prey on women if Deval Patrick got elected, or claimed that Martha Coakley wants to surrender to terrorists, is getting the payback they deserve with this mailing.    

  26. What is traveling through the wires over at BMG but they seem to gone completely over the edge.  I’ve seen for the past couple of days increasing negative posts about Brown, but now they’re getting downright nasty…they seem so mad they can’t even type straight…now they are even giving tips on what topics for OBAMA to speak on…save us Obi-Wan

    So far I’ve heard:

    Brown wants rape victims to be turned away from hospitals

    Brown is an empty suit

    Brown is a far right lunatic

    Brown loves Sarah Palin

    Brown is an avid Tea Party participant

    Brown is a rich guy trying to pass himself off as middle class because his daughter has a horse

    Brown lied and said he was related to a previous SJC justice

    Brown posed nude

    The media is coddling Brown (wow, once in 40 yrs a GOP pol gets good press and it’s a conspiracy?)

    Do they have an age requirement?….cause I swear I’ve heard some of the most childish statements in the past few days coming our of a group that usually manages to sound fairly intelligent…I must say I am disappointed (but I kinda like it too :)

  27. …by denying the “morning after pill” to rape victims…others will call “turning away”.  If a rape victim goes to the emergency room and wants the morning after pill, she will not be granted this request and will have to seek treatment elsewhere…how is this not being “turned away”?  I know plenty of people around here don’t see it that way, but the “mainstream” world does and that is why Brown refuses to explain why he offered the amendment.  

  28. Brown’s campaign, and not one of the many PAC’s that have been pouring money in on both sides?

  29. The individual would be permitted to decline…so they ask another person to hand it to her.  How many times are were going to beat this dead pony?  The freakin amendment did not pass, and Brown voted to support the bill, and then to override Romney’s veto.  You keep arguing over stuff that NEVER happened in the real world.  

    Obviously more people were opposed to the idea because it did not make it out of the starting gate…so it is a moot point. Beside, as it is any female can get it over the counter without a prescription (just saw the commercial 30 minutes ago)…hell the cashier in the gift shop can hand it to the victim if necessary.

    I’m still waiting for someone to say what Martha has done, as opposed to what Brown HAS NOT done or some wild speculation about what he might do.  

    I’ve met the guy many times, he’s not this vast right wing lunatic the other side is portraying him to be.  In fact he was involved directly in the assault case of my daughter…he called me personally, met with me the next day at an event he was at down the street, and explained the laws and his new proposed sex offender laws (that are still in committee after 5 years BTW).  He even called me several times thereafter.  And still to this day he responds to the people of his district, and I’m not the only one that has had similar experiences.  It’s the one thing he and Ted Kennedy did have in common.

    You know what we got from Coakley’s office when the local DA declined to pursue an indictment (and charge him kiddie court)…a F%^$#%$g form letter explaining what the DA’s office does.  I got a personal cell phone number from Brown and a human who cared on the other end…and a 3rd class bulk mailing piece from Coakley.  You can continue to believe the worst about Brown from the other side of the keyboard and reading the propaganda….have a ball, but speaking from first person experience you couldn’t be more wrong.

    At this point I’d vote for him if he was a freaking registered communist. If you don’t agree with him vote Coakley, but stop taking pot shots at the big old meanie Brown.  A 19 year old rapist is walking around free with no criminal record, because my little girl was  unfortunately the first time the A-Hole got caught and MA has some of the weakest sex offender laws in the country.  But I got a form letter from Coakley, so I guess that makes it OK.

  30. I am so sorry to read about this. But it seems everything I read about Coakley just makes me sicker and sicker. I am from Texas and people from all over the country are watching this election.

    This woman keeps innocent people in prison and then allows predators to roam the streets for no reason other than political expediancy. She is a monster.

    I am truly sorry for what happen to your daughter and I hope that she will find a good life beyond the horrible thing that was done to her. By the predator that got away with it and the twisted woman that refused to get justice for her.  

  31. Gary, I feel for you.  Your story essentially encapsulates everything that is right about Scott and everything that is wrong about Martha.

    My personal experience with Scott included him going to bat for me with a few letters of reference when I was laid off several years ago, and I’m not even in Scott’s senatorial district.

    It sickens me to see them try to tear down a politician who “gets it”.

    I don’t know what your personal situation with your daughter is, and you probably don’t want the publicity for your family, but if there’s any way you can get your story out it would help Scott’s campaign.  Perhaps even a more detailed writeup or description here on RMG?

    It must kill you every time you hear her tout how tough she is on crime.



  32. Yes, if one Dr or nurse refuses to give a rape victim the morning-after pill, then one assumes someone else would step in to help the victim.  But “Bruce” also mentioned the hospital and I assume he was referring to one of the many hospitals owned by the Catholic Church in MA.  In that case, no one in the hospital would provide treatment and the only way a rape victim could get the pill is to go to another hospital…I don’t know what else to call that other than being “turned away” by the hospital where no one will give her treatment.  

    You’ve shared with me some of the details of your situation previously and I need to go back to refresh my memory of the info you provided.  But we are all people and the one thing we as individuals and as a society cherish the most is our children.  Therefore I can not imagine people who dedicate their lives to protecting people and especially children (cops and DAs) not wanting to put a predator in jail…and our previous discussions centered on the general difficultly of proving these cases to the level required for conviction.  Given the intolerable amount of children being victims of sexual abuse and the “beyond a doubt” legal standard to convict someone, sadly some cases do not result with the level of justice that they should.  I certainly understand your outrage and feelings.  But others who have not been traumatized like you and your family are using some of these cases that did not move forward as a blunt instrument to demonize Coakley as some doesn’t care about keeping children safe.  That is utter nonsense.

    Sure the same can be said about Brown’s situation, except for one thing.  I’ve read about Coakley’s side of the Father Geoghan story and the case Larry Frisoli (sp) was involved in.  Whether you agree with what she sad or not, she met with the press and answered their questions.  With regards to this amendment Brown proposed, I’ve only seen him dance around it…”I voted for the bill”.  Lastly Tuesday he told Janet Wu on Ch 5, that he didn’t recall the amendment and that he voted for the bill.  OK, he voted for the bill…but I’d like to hear why he proposed the amendment and what he thought the implications would be.  But I haven’t heard that and if you can provide me with a link, that would be great (the only answer I’ve heard is “I live in a household of all women…).  Frankly I think he knows he made a mistake in proposing that amendment (no doubt doing a favor for the MA Pro-Life folks) and now he not explaining why he did it.  By not explaining his reasoning for making the amendment and defending against legitimate criticism that this could potentially re-traumatize rape victims (which no one would want to do, just as no one would want to let child predators roam loose) he has opened himself up to the brutal attacks from his political opponents.  


  33. But an even better payback is the party that screwed with the succession laws to have their way may now have their  “We’re entitled”, “We can get away with it” power protecting methods come back to bite them SQUARE ON THE ASSES they been sitting on in Beacon Hill.  If they had done nothing, which I know they’re quite good at, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.  Too bad Deval can’t just invoke the emergency preamble now.

    Never in my life have a seen such a sweet example of karmic justice.  The headline shouldn’t read Brown Wins, it should Beacon Hill Screws the Pooch and didn’t know for months

    Even if Brown loses, it was worth it just watch how desperate the DEM machine gets when it even thinks power might slip from their grasp in this state.  The comic relief on BMG alone has kept me in stitches. Lately the intelligence is matched only by their pomposity.

    I hope Brown wins not just because he is my preference but because I’m looking forward to watching MSNBC in the morning with a nice cup of TEA.

  34. Deval Patrick actually was working to put a convicted rapist back on the streets.

    Benjamin LaGuer (born May 1, 1963) is a convicted rapist serving a life sentence in Massachusetts. He has not acknowledged the crime for which he was convicted, claiming innocence. His case achieved prominence in the late 1980s when reporting by John King discovered a juror who said that other members of the all-white-male jury uttered racist slurs before and during deliberations.  His case became a flashpoint in the 2006 race for Massachusetts Governor when it was revealed that Deval Patrick, the Democratic candidate, had corresponded with and supported the inmate over a period of several years.

    And, that Scott Brown never sponsored a bill or amendment that would allow deny women treatment, but would allow a conscience clause.

    There is a vast difference between the two ads in question.  But, once again you’ll deny reality and run with the “Evil Republican” mantra.

  35. Directly in this case…it was the local DA under her.  When we tried to go above her head to the state AG we got a form letter…Coakley who has a working paid staff.  Even a phone call from an intern saying “There’s nothing we can do” would have been better. Thanks for the kinds words.  Little girl is fine now and a joy in our lives.

    When I say we have the weakest offender laws in the country, it’s no exaggeration.  

    We had an incident last year when a young father bought his little boy into a mens room of a store and he was gropped under the stall by an employee who was an illegal alien.  The father naturally enraged, opened the door and bashed the guy the face.  When the police were called, guess what happens…Father is charged with an assault because in Coakley’s words “We discourage people from self help”….give me a break.  No word on what happened to the pedophile, but I’d wager he’s still walking around.  Imagine that, the father is the bad guy?  

  36. Actually my wife has been doing that in a direct way.  She’s been at the Wrentham office several times doing the phone bank, and without going into all the gorey details she relays our experience with Brown.  It’s already made a few undecided come around.

    Yeah tough on crime..biggest farce I’ve ever heard.  Read the stuff the WSJ has been publishing lately.  3 of the biggest public corruption scandals, and nothing happens until the FEDS come in, with pictures of cash being stuffed in a bra.

    Jessica’s law has been dismantled to the point where it just as well could not exist it has such narrow terms it can be used for.

    I really did not want politicize this whole horrible event, but I’m really sick of people taking shots at a guy who is a decent human being.  Just a guy with some ambition who works his way though his town politics, through the state, tries for something bigger, and now he’s being linked to birthers, teabaggers, accused of wanting to deny rape victims help, and everything up Rush doing the third Reich salute.  I realize this is a high stakes game, but I find in contemptible.

  37. From everything I’ve been seeing over the last few hours, I have a feeling he’s about to mop the floor with her. That rape flyer blew up in her face. Big time. I’ve been seeing chatter all over the web from people who got one, or know somebody who got one…and they are pissed. Not to mention all the folks who have heard about it. Those people are completely flipping out.

    Even if Coakley comes out and renounces the flyer, it won’t do any good. She’s been running attack ads and everyone knows she was at least partly responsible for this latest filth. So, I’m pretty sure it’s over.

    Now I could be wrong, but I don’t even think a visit from King HopeyChange will save her from this mess. Which is why I’m betting he’s gonna conveniently decide that Haiti needs him more and bail on her. Still, it won’t hurt to say a prayer and rub your lucky rabbit’s foot. 😉

  38. …although now I can’t remember what the ad said–given that we’ve seen about 500 on them in the last day–but I remember saying to myself at the time–a negative ad directly from the Brown campaign that contradicted his “kitchen ad” condemning Martha’s negative ads.

  39. Politicians do dance around parts of their record they wish didn’t exist.  I get that, it’s not unique to Brown, Coakley, or any other that has been successful…hell I wouldn’t be able to run for office today if  every word and soundbite ever written was held up to public scrutiny…some of the things I’ve written here alone would put me in an awkward position.

    The whole point of the post was about responsiveness.  Kennedy for all his faults had the respect of even his political critics (many here) because even if you were entirely opposed to his ideas he was involved and had outstanding constituency service.  I heard it a million times on radio stations that went out of their way to slam him during active days.  His counterpart Kerry is like a ghost…you’re pretty sure he’s around somewhere, he pops up on TV every now and then, but he does not respond, and only visits when politically expedient.

    That was the entire point of the comment.  Brown has more than once reached out to me directly as a human being and not about the issue in question.  He emails, calls, updates the people he represents weekly, and allowed me to call him directly…something no other pol in my life has ever done.  The state AG’s office in my experience has been nothing but Kerry-like. At a time when we reached out he was there (over and over) and the AG office sent a form letter completely unrelated to the issue at hand…and they have a a paid staff.  You know what Brown had, a TRUCK and a PHONE he answered himself.

    To this day, if Kerry or Kennedy were on the ballot running unopposed I could hold my nose and vote for Kennedy, I’ll never be able to do that for Kerry…he’s a ghost.  And prior to a few weeks ago, so was Coakley…and now all I see her doing is attacking one of the few public figures who actually was responsive.  

    Basic sales and service…sell me something that is unreliable and disappear, I’ll never do business with you again…stand behind your product and its shortcomings, all things being equal you’re much more likely to get my money again.

  40. I agree, Brown probably does regret his offering of the amendment, but he has offered a reasonable explanation many times…ok maybe he dodged it in the past, but I have heard him explain himself on radio and in person multiple times.  He wanted a conscience exception.  Now some may be opposed to that explanation, but it is an explanation.

    If you’re thrilled with how Kerry handles his office, vote for Coakley because you get lots more of the same. But for me personally, I have enough ghosts….don’t need any more thanks.

  41. It’s getting very heated on both sides…it’s starting to remind me of the rationale of third grade fights….”But he started it”…”She threw the first punch”.

    Wednesday morning can’t come soon enough for me.

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