BREAKING: Rasmussen shows Coakley with 2 point lead

Fox 25 is reporting that Martha Coakley holds just a 2 point lead in the latest Rasmussen poll.  Amongst independents Brown has a 50 point lead.  

The numbers show that Democrat Martha Coakley holds just a two-point lead over Republican Scott Brown. Just last week Coakley held a nine-point lead.

Among Independent voters, the bulk of the state’s voters, Brown holds a 50 point lead. Brown even gets 18% of Democratic voters.

One issue that appears to be working for Brown is on terrorism. He has been hammering Coakley for wanting to try terror suspects in civilian courts. More than 60% of voters agree that the attempted plane bomber should be tried by the military.

Redouble your efforts get thee to a phone bank!

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