Brad Marston for State Representative

Brad Marston is running for State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk District district against incumbent Democrat Martha “Marty” Walz.  According to their 2009 year end reports with OCPF Marston had $4,169.32 cash on hand and Walz had $83,153.07.  Neither candidate had any liabilities.

Brad Marston is a long time political veteran, but a first time candidate for office.  He brings 25 years of business and management experience and served as the Senior Vice President of Mortgage-Backed Securities Trading with a major regional firm based in New York City.  More information can be found on his campaign website or his facebook page.  Brad Marston is set up very well in the new media an social networking aspect of his campaign.

Martha Walz is a 3 term incumbent State Representative who serves on the board of directors at NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.

There was no Republican candidate in 2008 or 2006.  In 2004, when the seat was open, Democrat Martha Walz defeated Republican Richard Babson by a 75% to 23% margin.  Third party candidate Thomas White received 2% of the vote.

The 8th Suffolk district is a very difficult district for any Republican.  It consists of 9 precincts in Boston (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, West End) and 5 precincts in Cambridge.


Brown vs Coakley 2010 Results:

8th Suffolk

Cambridge: 4,921 vs 27,268, 5/33: 746 vs 4147


W3/P5: 508 vs. 809

W5/P3: 360 vs. 564

W5/P4: 305 vs. 647

W5/P5: 135 vs. 220

W5/P6: 381 vs. 486

W5/P7: 447 vs. 630

W5/P8: 373 vs. 564

W5/P9: 463 vs. 732

W5/P11: 220 vs. 411

Total (est): Brown 3,947 Coakley 9,210

Total (est): Brown 30.0% Coakley 70.0%

Obama vs McCain 2008 Results:

8th Suffolk

Cambridge: 88% to 10%

Boston: 79% to 19%

Healey + Mihos vs Patrick + Ross 2006 Results:

8th Suffolk

Cambridge: 12% + 3% vs 73% + 2%

Boston: 21% + 4% vs 73% + 2%

Fortunately, I have precinct level data for Boston (HT: MerrimackMan), but unfortunately not Cambridge for Scott Brown’s victory in his race for United States Senator.  I do not have precinct level data for 2008 or 2006 and only included the citywide results.  It should be noted that the portion of Boston in the 8th Suffolk is more favorable to Republicans than the city average.

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