Boston Herald’s Fitzgerald Rips Coakely




Heat of the race shows Martha's true character

…She almost had us fooled, but then she began to feel the heat.

She ignored a reporter’s uncomfortable question, then looked the other way while one of her toadies knocked him to the ground. And she’s our top law enforcement officer? Please.

She asked us to believe that Brown, who has two daughters, is totally callous to the trauma of rape. How scurrilous.

She told us to look at Brown and see George W. Bush. Really? Should we then look at her, a product of the entrenched Beacon Hill establishment, and see Dianne Wilkerson, Marian Walsh or Sal DiMasi? Would that not be just as reasonable?

And speaking of associations, why does she need Barack Obama when Deval Patrick’s already here? OK, that’s rhetorical…

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