Bank Of America: My Obligatory Rant

We got our quarterly statement from BOA yesterday and I though I would take a break from raising hell on the phone to share the details with you all.

Two years ago we opened a CD account with Countrywide Bank as they offered an attractive interest rate at the time.

Of course that bank was siezed by the fed about a year ago and their assets including our CD account were gobbled up by BOA.

In Novemebr our CD matured and BOA offered to renew it at the attractive rate of 0.45%

We declined and moved the funds someplace that actualy paid interest to hold them.

Unfortunatly BOA informs me that they charged me 50$ as a “service charge” to not renew an account …lol

I told them that however used to screwing their customers that they were, we are not subject to their outrageous terms as we never opened an account with them and they will find our signature on no agreement with them.

Who knows what the results will be but … what flipping thieves huh?

If you open a cd and close it early they jack you most of the years interest in early withdrawal fees, and if you run it until maturity they then take a month to send you your funds and then screw you on a ridiculous service fee.


Thanks for your time … 🙂

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