Another $500K pro Brown advertising buy

Here’s another $500K in ads bought by an outside group.  What is you prediction for the total money spent on this race by both the candidates, parties and outside groups by the time this is over?  Poll after the jump.

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  • We know they raised $6.5 Million in 2009.

    We know she’s raised at least $1 since.  Scott has “allegedly” raised $5+ plus this week.

    That’s $12.5 Million.

    And there’s more to come.

    That doesn’t count the million that the DSCC has spent, the $700,000 the SEIU has spent, and all of the Pro-Brown cash.

    I think it will pass $20 million between the Nominees and Allies.

    Plus whatever the vanquished Primary candidates spent (Pags = Jobs spent $9 million alone).

  • No matter what side of the aisle you find yourself on, the money in a short campaign like this is just staggering. $20 millions between both sides when it is all said and done. Makes your jaw drop. No wonder why people are upset with both parties today. The system is just flat broke.