A Very Close Call

“Sen. Tom Harkin, the chairman of the Senate Health Committee, said negotiators from the White House, Senate and House reached a final deal on healthcare reform days before Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts.

Labor leaders had announced an agreement with White House and congressional representatives over an excise tax on high-cost insurance plans on the Thursday before the special election.

Harkin said “we had an agreement, with the House, the White House and the Senate. We sent it to [the Congressional Budget Office] to get scored and then Tuesday happened and we didn’t get it back.” He said negotiators had an agreement in hand on Friday, Jan. 15″

We should all be very proud of what we accomplished against great odds. Knowing how close they came to realizing their dream of nationalizing health care helps explain their denial that the special election result had anything to do with Obamacare. This fight is far from over, as President Obama said in his SOTU “we don’t quit”. Neither can we.

On to November.

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