2010: Why it will be a Wave

In hockey, if the puck spends too much time in your end of the ice you are going to be in trouble.  

There are certain issue sets that tend to be “Republican” issues.  Spending, national security, taxes and so on.  For Republicans to win, we need to win these issue by large margins.  

Early in 2005 I knew the Democrats were going to retake the House and Senate in 2006.

President Bush was still running massive deficits, the war in Iraq was becoming increasingly unpopular, and the Patriot Act itself was under heavy fire.  Procedures including water-boarding and the very existence of the military base at Guantanamo Bay Cuba were under attack.  We spent the entire cycle on defense defending the very issues that are supposed to be our own.  The Democrats gained 6 seats in the Senate, 31 in the House, and control of both bodies.

The Republican party have now regained control of “Republican” issues.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid have exploded the deficit will new supplemental spending that was not inherited.  The war in Iraq is still going on and Obama’s national security credentials went up with a flaming ball of BVD’s.  Here in Massachusetts, the Democrats have passes across the board tax hikes.

There are certain issue sets that tend to be “Democratic” issues.  Education, the environment, and most importantly health care.  For Democrats to win, we need to win these issue by large margins.  The opposite is now happening.  The puck has been whizzing around in front of their own net for a whole year.

Early in 2009 I knew 2010 was going to be a big Republican year.


Obama had lost control of the education issue when he wanted the department of education to design a probama curriculum to indoctrinate young kids for his speeches.  He lost the environment when email cover-up were leaked on global warming, and “cap and trade” popularity crashed and burned.  He lost, and continues to lose on health care every day.  Every backroom deal, every CBO report, every town hall meeting drives this issue further into the tanks.

Obama’s health care plan is not down to just 38% approval, and this issues is supposed to be the Democrats biggest strength!  Health care is an issue Democrats are supposed to win heavily.  If it’s a push the Republicans win big on our own issues.

In about 9 hours a little known Republican State Senator from Wrentham, Massachusetts will defeat the entire Democratic establishment to serve in “Ted Kennedy’s seat.”

What will the Democrats think in Utah?

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