2010 Congressional Preview

The map to the left shows Scott Brown’s victory broken down by congressional district from the Boston Globe.  They also did maps showing shift from 2008 and voter turnout.  Earlier, the Boston Globe did the town by town election results for Scott Brown with an interactive map.

Below are the races by district.  I included their cash on hand numbers from their most recent FEC filings.  Incumbents are in bold and Democrats are listed first.  I attempted to remove inactive candidates from the list.  Candidates without FEC filings are not listed.

In recent RMG news, Former State Treasurer Joe Malone is considering running against Bill Delahunt in the 10th congressional district and Greenfield school committee member Keith McCormic is considering running against John Olver in the 1st congressional district.

1) John Ovler (D) $255,892

Andrea Nuciforo (D) $56,885

2) Richard Neal (D) $2,661,740

Tom Wesley (R) $17,729

Jay Scott Fleitman (R) $7,137

3) Jim McGovern (D) $564,933

4) Barney Frank (D) $397,568

Herb Robinson (D) $20

Earl Henry Sholley (R) $2,996

Keith Steven Messina (R) $0


5) Niki Tsongas (D) $137,872

Sam Meas (R) $14,774

6) John Tierney (D) $1,314,564

Bill Hudak (R) $106,433

Richard Baker (R) $500

David Michael Sukoff (R) $0

7) Ed Markey (D) $3,029,037

John Cunningham (R) ($6,079)

8) Michael Capuano (D) $33,302

9) Stephen Lynch (D) $1,337,820

10) Bill Delahunt (D) $629,323


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