10th Congressional Fight: Jeff Perry steps it up

Jeff Perry In the 3 ways standoff for the 10th congresssional district nomination Republican Jeff Perry is showing no signs of backing down.  The following two pages have shown up on facebook:

Students for Jeff Perry for US Congress

Firefighters For Jeff Perry for U.S. Congress

Jeff Perry announced that he was in final stages of considering a run for Congress on RMG 2 days ago.  Sen. Hedlund and former Treasurer Malone are also considering running.  United States Senator Scott Brown (R – MA) won the 10th congressional district by a 60% to 40% margin in his victory earlier this month.

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  • 2-3 candidates MAX for a congressional race.  whether it’s bob or jeff who decides to run for the 10th, the other person in quetion should look to another office. we have several open positions and  I would welcome a challenger to tisei 🙂

  • Malone had a nice run in the 90s (despite getting his pocket picked for $10M) but he reminds me of an aging ballplayer looking to recapture the glory.  Like a present day Rich Gossage attempting to retire the side in crunch time – he’s bound to get lit up.  Hedlund is our Jonathan Pappelbon:  present day, live arm, and feared by the opposition.  Lets go Bob!  Lets go Bob!  

  • Jeff Perry is well known and respected on Cape Cod and he is well known and respected on the South Shore by Republicans.

    On the other hand Sen. Hedlund is most likely known on the South Shore but on Cape Cod you will here, Who? He’s a political unknown here on Cape Cod along with the announced candidates Ray and Don Hussey.

    Bill no show Delahunt has been quoted he could lose Cape Cod and still win, not so fast Bill. Cape Cod now has well over 200,000 year round residents. It’s not Patty’s Paige Cape Cod any more, and hasn’t been for a long time so I would give the edge to Jeff Perry.

    Jeff will be backed by a pretty large number of Republican voters along with the Independents. The Independents all ready know Jeff and where he stands on the issues

    I’m sure Sen. Hedlund is a respected Senator but he is an unknown here on Cape Cod and Cape Codders, especially Republicans, are slow to like someone new, again the edge to Jeff Perry.

    Jeff Perry will beat Mr. no show, Bill Delahunt.

  • I hate to break it to you, but people on the South Shore think Jeff Perry is a washed up member of Aerosmith.  His name ID is zilch.  Make an argument he can somehow best Hedlund, but don’t delude yourself into thinking he’d got better name ID district-wide.  Not. Even. Close.

  • Wilberwood. When Jeff Perry was nominated to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention at the Republican Caucus that was held in Plymouth in the last Presidential Election, Jeff received a standing ovation. He was the only one who was nominated to receive this. He was elected by everyone who attended the caucus . The vast majority of those attending were Republicans from the towns on the South Shore. They know who Jeff is and where he stands on the issues.

  • Fair enough – Rep. Perry received a standing ovation one day in Plymouth.  But since 1990, the Democratic party has thrown everything at Hedlund but the kitchen sink – and he’s left them bloodied, battered and bruised.  (Hedlund has already smoked someone at the ballot box named Delahunt.)  Jeff Perry is no doubt an up-and-comer and we’re lucky to have him in the Party.  But Hedlund is a battle-tested political brawler who, in my humble opinion, is our best bet to with the 10th Congressional.  Write it down – HEDLUND WINS THE PRIMARY!!!!!!!!!  

  • I guess we will have to wait and see. It sounds like Sen. Hedlund is a fighter and so is Jeff. Jeff will announce this coming Tuesday if he will run, and if not, why he won’t run. He is expected to be on the Ed Lambert Show, WKTK 95.1 this coming Tuesday morning. The show runs from 7AM to 10AM and can be heard on the South Shore.