Your Daily Good News: Wicked Hardcore Christmas Edition

Suffolk alums of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but irritating letters and emails explaining the compensation level of David Sargent. Anyway, this old dude is resigning from the Board of Trustees because he “thinks it’s time.”

Lowell Sun

Mayor of Attleboro to get $15,000 pay raise? That’s pissah ked! Recessions suck dood.

The Sun Chronicle

All I want for Christmas is a legal defense fund, a legal defense fund, a legal defense fund.


Scott Brown really wants a one-on-one debate with Martha Coakley. Joe Kennedy gets an acknowledgment at the end of the story that he was there and had an opinion on that topic they discussed.

Boston Globe

Miracle seven year old survives heart attack in Quincy.

Boston Herald

Meghan McCain provides more ammo for why we should not care what she thinks at all. When will she go back to posting “scandalous” pictures of herself on Twitter? She needs a column at The Boston Globe.


Springfield Republican has some surprisingly awesome quick hits this morning.

Springfield Republican

Framingham is using federal grant money to purchase abandoned homes and refurbish them.

MetroWest Daily News

Dave & Busters is moving to the former Circuit City location at the South Shore Plaza. This will represent the third tenant change at that facility in twenty years. It was previously a four screen theater belonging to the General Cinema chain.

The Patriot Ledger

Your Daily Video

Wicked Hip Hop Christmas by Black Element and Big D & The Kids Table

Big D & The Kids Table originally recorded “Wicked Hardcore Christmas” around 2005(?) and the best embed I could find was not of good quality. This is an updated version of the song with a hip hop spin to it.

I agree with their sentiments about Faneuil Hall.  

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