Your Daily Good News: Toothpaste Edition

REALLY Galluccio? You couldn’t come up with anything better? The fumes from toothpaste registered on a breathalyzer? Oh, and that raises another question: How are you going to represent the people of Cambridge in the State Senate when you’re on HOUSE ARREST?

Boston Globe

Cambridge Chronicle

Chelmsford says it’s all good if you can’t afford to pay your property tax bill right now. Calm down! Get ’em back when you can but for now all drinks at the pub are on your broke ass.

Lowell Sun

People are buying houses again! Hooray! The next real estate bubble will be so awesome.

Sun Chronicle

Yvonne Abraham throws words at her computer monitor and hopes a sob story develops.


Nobody cares about swine flu anymore.

Boston Herald

The Town of Paxton is sick and tired of freeloaders who don’t pay their bills.

Your water will be shut off, you will die of thirst, and they won’t give a damn.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Have yourself a wicked white Christmas and enjoy those dollar bills.

Don’t forget the razor blades and mirrors!

Springfield Republican

Your Daily Video

Some of the best of 2009…

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