Your Daily Good News: Tisei Free Thursday!

HEY KIDS LOOK: A special selectman race in Paxton! If you’re like me and you’re thinking WHERE THE HELL IS PAXTON? It’s west of Worcester and that makes it the other side of the world. So if somebody wants to go see if any of these guys are decent candidates let us know. I don’t like leaving 128.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

More problems with the Department of Revenue and local tax assessors. Western Mass is getting pissed off.

Berkshire Eagle

City Councilor in Braintree considering run for state representative only if a bunch of things happen and he gets a cherry on top of his ice cream sundae. Jimmies please.

The Patriot Ledger

Framingham is getting shafted on funds for hosting a state prison. At least they’re not getting shanked in prison! Heeeeeeeeeeeey.

MetroWest Daily News

Boston Biker has an awesome post about on street parking in cities and how they impact the urban landscape.

Boston Biker

Only in Cambridge…

Cambridge Chronicle

Your Daily Video

The Low Anthem won the Album of the Year award for “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin” last night at Boston Music Awards. Here is a track from that album…

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